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Wauge, Dees, Medel Win At Southern Oregon Speedway, Rod Restad Memorial Preview For Siskiyou Motor Speedway

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Wauge Wins IMCA Modified Finale, 
Bailey Is Southern Oregon Speedway Champion

White City,  Oregon...September 16...Seven time Southern Oregon Speedway champion Mark Wauge won the 25 lap IMCA Modified Main Event.  This was Wauge's first win of the season, and it moved him into second in the final standings.  Wauge was coming off of a $2,500 second place finish in the R. Charles Snyder Salute two weeks ago.  Jesse Bailey used a third place finish to wrap up his first track championship.

Bailey won both his six lap heat race and the four lap Trophy Dash.  Wauge won the other heat race.  Ray Kniffen Jr. blew a motor in hot laps to end his night early.  Kevin Hewitt set the early pace ahead of Tim Bailey, and Jantzen Knips spun in Turn 2 for a lap two caution flag.  Hewitt continued to lead T. Bailey and Preston Jones on the restart.  A low move in Turn 4 of the fifth lap gained Jones second as Wauge followed him past T. Bailey into third.  Wauge took second from Jones on lap seven and began to battle Hewitt for the lead.  Hewitt ran smooth on the bottom groove.  Wauge finally made a move to the outside and passed Hewitt in Turn 4 for the lead on lap 16.  Wauge pulled away from there, and Jones made an inside pass in Turn 4 of the 18th lap to take second from Hewitt.  Wauge won by a comfortable margin ahead of Jones.  J. Bailey made a Turn 3 pass on the final lap to take third from Hewitt.  T. Bailey, Knips and Rick Keggs completed the finishing order.

Race Results
IMCA Modifieds
Heat 1-Mark Wauge, Jesse Bailey, Jantzen Knips.  Heat 2-Jesse Bailey, Preston Jones, Kevin Hewitt.  Trophy Dash-Jesse Bailey, Preston Jones, Mark Wauge.  Main Event-Mark Wauge, Preston Jones, Jesse Bailey, Kevin Hewitt, Tim Bailey, Jantzen Knips, Rick Keggs, Ray Kniffen Jr. (DNS).

Medel Wraps Up IMCA Sport Modified Championship 
With Win At Southern Oregon Speedway

White City, Oregon...September 16...Mike Medel won the 20 lap IMCA Sport Modified Main Event Saturday night at Southern Oregon Speedway.  This was Medel's second win of the season, and he used it to wrap up his second track championship.  Medel chased down Matt Sanders and made his winning pass on lap 17.  Willie McFall wrapped up a career best second place season with a third place finish in the Main Event.

McFall won the four lap Trophy Dash in a photo finish with Medel.  McFall and David Marble won six lap heat races.  Lloyd Speer was a Main Event scratch.  Sanders raced into the early lead ahead of Randy Wright and Marble.  An inside move on the back stretch of the fifth lap gained Medel third from Marble.    Wright spun from second in Turn 2 for a lap seven caution flag.  Sanders continued to lead Medel and Marble on the restart.  Medel began to pressure Sanders for the lead, and Marble pitted from third on lap 14.  Medel made an inside pass in Turn 4 of the 17th lap top take the lead.  Medel led the rest of the way to win ahead of Sanders, McFall, Wright, Tony Bartell, Danny Rule and Marble.

Race Results
IMCA Sport Modifieds
Heat 1-David Marble, Mike Medel, Matt Sanders.  Heat 2-Willie McFall, Randy Wright, Tony Bartell.  Trophy Dash-Willie McFall, Mike Medel, Matt Sanders.  Main Event-Mike Medel, Matt Sanders, Willie McFall, Randy Wright, Tony Bartell, Danny Rule, David Marble, Lloyd Speer (DNS).

Lewman Wins First Main Event, 
Peters Is SODCA Dwarf Car Champion

White City, Oregon...September 16...Rob Gergel closed the 2017 season with his first 20 lap SODCA Dwarf Car Main Event victory.  After winning the B Dash, Gergel led all the way for the feature victory.  Despite falling out of the race early, Brock Peters successfully defended his 2016 championship ahead of Chad Cardoza.

B. Peters won his six lap heat race ahead of Cody Peters.  Cardoza won the second heat in front of Fred Hay.  Cardoza outran B. Peters to win the A Dash.  Gergel claimed the B Dash victory in front of Kalvin Morton in a preview of the Main Event.  Gergel raced into the early lead ahead of Cardoza and B. Peters.  B. Peters took second from Cardoza on lap two.  Josh King drove off of Turn 3 for a lap two caution flag.  Gergel led Cardoza and Morton on the restart, and B. Peters slowed and pitted.  A lap five caution flag flew for Ryan Smith in Turn 3.  Morton took second from Cardoza on the restart as Gergel continued to set the pace.  Gergel, Morton and Cardoza ran close up front and C. Peters moved up to battle Randy Slater for fourth.  C. Peters took fourth from Slater on lap ten.  Morton kept the pressure on Gergel the rest of the way, but Gergel drove a flawless race for the victory.  Morton settled for second ahead of Cardoza, C. Peters, Slater, Smith, Hay, Joe Sanders, King and Mark Nielson.

Race Results
SODCA Dwarf Cars
Heat 1-Brock Peters, Cody Peters, Rob Gergel.  Heat 2-Chad Cardoza, Fred Hay, Josh King.  A Dash-Chad Cardoza, Brock Peters, Cody Peters.  B Dash-Rob Gergel, Kalvin Morton, Ryan Smith.  Main Event-Rob Gergel, Kalvin Morton, Chad Cardoza, Cody Peters, Randy Slater, Ryan Smith, Fred Hay, Joe Sanders, Josh King, Mark Nielson, Bill Winter, Kaycee Sheeler, Brock Peters, Mason Lewman (DNS).

Steele Wins Fifth Main Event, Mix Wins Mini Stock Championship at Southern Oregon Speedway

White City, Oregon...September 16...David Steele collected another victory in the 20 lap Mini Stock Main Event Saturday night at Southern Oregon Speedway.  This was the fifth win of the season for Steele, and it capped a clean sweep of heat, dash and Main Event.  Michael Johnson made a charge after a lap six pit stop to finish second, but Kristopher Mix wrapped up his track championship season with a third place finish.

David Steele made a last lap pass on Mix to win the four lap Trophy Dash.  Steele also beat Mix to win their six lap heat race, and Andrew Hall held off Dillen Lausen to win the other heat race.  Steele and Hall had front row starting spots for the Main Event, and Steele led the opening lap ahead of Mix.  Hall made a low pass in Turn 4 of the second lap to take second from Mix.  Johnson raced past Mix for third on lap four, but a brush with the wall left Johnson with a flat tire and drew a lap six caution flag.  Johnson pitted but rejoined the action on the restart.  Steele continued to lead Hall and Mix.  Mix made an inside pass in Turn 1 of the eighth lap to grab second.  Johnson began his charge to the front as he ran behind Lausen and Steve Goetz in the battle for fourth.  An inside move on the back stretch of the 12th lap gained Johnson fifth from Goetz, and a low move in Turn 4 of the 14th lap gained Johnson fourth from Lausen.  Johnson made an outside pass on the back stretch to take third from Hall on lap 18, and he made a high pass in Turn 2 of the last lap to take second from Mix.  However, Steele led by a straightaway as he scored the impressive victory.  Johnson was a strong second ahead of Mix, Hall, Lausen, Goetz, Garrett Fredrickson, Hunter Magnan and Jed Gillman.

Race Results
Mini Stocks
Heat 1-David Steele, Kristopher Mix, Michael Johnson.  Heat 2-Andrew Hall, Dillen Lausen, Steve Goetz.  Trophy Dash-David Steele, Kristopher Mix, Andrew Hall.  Main Event-David Steele, Michael Johnson, Kristopher Mix, Andrew Hall, Dilllen Lausen, Steve Goetz, Garrett Fredrickson, Hunter Magnan, Jed Gillman.

Bob Dees Battles Garrett Dees For Win, Augustine Late Model Champion At Southern Oregon Speedway

White City, Oregon...September 16...Bob Dees won the 20 lap Late Model Main Event Saturday night at Southern Oregon Speedway.  The win was the second of the year for the reigning champion, and it came after he took the lead from his son, Garrett Dees, who settled for second.  Nathan Augustine pitted late in the race, but he clinched the championship by just starting the race.

B. Dees won the four lap Trophy Dash ahead of Augustine.  G. Dees won his first six lap Late Model heat race ahead of Dave Foote.  G. Dees had the pole for the Main Event, and he charged into the lead at the start of the non stop race.  Foote was an early second ahead of B. Dees.  B. Dees made a low pass in Turn 4 of the third lap to grab second from Foote, and Augustine made a similar move to take over third a lap later.  B. Dees and Augustine reeled in the lead of Garrett Dees by lap ten.  B. Dees got a good run on the inside of G. Dees in Turn 3 to take the lead on lap 13.  Augustine was running a close third, but he pitted on lap 14.  G. Dees tried to pass B. Dees for the lead in Turn 4, but he backed off to avoid a crash.  B. Dees led the rest of the way for the win.  G. Dees was a career best second as he wrapped up a "Rooke Of The Year" winning season.  D. Foote was a solid third ahead of Chris Biggs, Kristy Grout, Don Garrett Jr. and Augustine.

Race Results
Late Models
Heat-Garrett Dees, Dave Foote, Nathan Augustine.  Trophy Dash-Bob Dees, Nathan Augustine, Don Garrett Jr.  Main Event-Bob Dees, Garrett Dees, Dave Foote, Chris Biggs, Don Garrett Jr., Kristy Grout, Nathan Augustine.

 Pit Stops

The Mini Stocks took center stage at Southern Oregon Speedway as the division with the closest point battle on championship Night.  Kristopher Mix held a five point lead over Dillen Lausen and an eight point lead over Michael Johnson going into the night.  Plus, Mix had a chance to add more points to his lead as he was in the Trophy Dash.  He nearly won that race before settling for second behind David Steele.  Mix also had a solid second place finish to Steele in his heat race as he carried an eight point lead over Lausen into the Main Event.

Mix enjoyed an early battle with Neon Mafia teammate Andrew Hall, who won his heat race ahead of Lausen.  Mix eventually made the pass and was on his way to another season best second place finish.  However, Michael Johnson was on his way to the front.  Johnson had a brush with the wall give him a flat tire early in the race.  This happened to him at the previous race while he was driving to what would have been a point lead maintaining second.  He had to pit and ended up sixth that night.  The 15 year old phenom made his way past Mix on lap 19 for a second place finish, but Mix cliched the championship with a third place finish.  In fact, Mix led the field with six Top 3 finishes.  He may have surprised some people this year, but Mix definitely earned this championship.

Johnson would be a worthy recipient of a "Most Improved Driver" award.  The second generation racer looked impressive out there and was never afraid to put his car up on the outside groove to make a pass.  He also won a Main Event.  Perhaps his confidence got the better of him the night he hit the wall and lost second with a flat tire.  Had he maintained that position, Michael would be the champion.  As it is, he was still a strong second.  The #777 car is up for sale, and there are only rumors of where he might go next.  One possibility could be Dwarf Cars.  Andrew Hall has already said he will be making a move to Dwarf Cars and putting somebody else in the fast #007 Pinto Wagon.

In two years, Lausen has won a 250 Kart championship in Roseburg and Mini Stock "Rookie Of The Year" honors in 2016 and third in Mini Stock points this year.  He won his first Trophy Dash this year and finished as high as second in the Main Event.  He only lost second to Johnson by two points.  The Top 3 drivers can all breathe a sigh of relief that there were no more races left.  Despite three straight races with motor problems, one of which caused him to miss the Main Event, David Steele was only four points out of second and 14 out of first.  Steele won his fifth Main Event of the season and did it with another clean sweep.

Steve Goetz got the #55 car to the finish line, but his finish was a less than desired sixth in the feature.  However, Goetz had some good moments this year, including a Trophy Dash and Main Event win.  The 2013 champion is considering being a car owner next year.  Hunter Magnan was struggling enough with his car that the team bought the green #8 car from the Fettinger team.  The car was driven most recently last season by Cory Stratton.  Hunter fell out of the Main Event, but he's optimistic of better results to come next season.

The Late Model championship battle was also close, but second place Dustin Knight conceded the title to incoming point leader Nathan Augustine with his absence.  Knight had a previous commitment.  Knight had three feature wins and three seconds in his seven starts.  Augustine's stats included two seconds, three thirds and four Trophy Dash wins.  Nathan started the final Main Event knowing that he had won the championship.  He was running a close third when he got a flat tire and headed for the pits.

Taking the spotlight were Bob Dees and his son Garrett Dees.  Bob kept Augustine from winning the dash as he won for the second time.  Garrett Dees was unable to start the previous Main Event and didn't finish the two before that.  He was just trying to grab a checkered flag.  In the heat race, Garrett took it up a notch by scoring his first win.  That put him on the pole for the Main Event.  He led the race for 13 laps before being passed by his father.  Garrett held on for a second place finish and wrapped up a "Rookie Of The Year" season on a positive note.  B. Dees came within a few points of second in the standings after his second win.

Dave Foote ended his season on a high note as well with a third place feature finish and second in his heat race.  He finished fourth in the final standings ahead of Kristy Grout.  Grout recently won her first Late Model Trophy Dash at Coos Bay.  She admitted that she's still getting used to the new car that she has raced just a few times since her rollover damaged her old chassis.  She got a fifth place feature finish behind Chris Biggs.  Biggs was making his second start and looked better this time around.

Jesse Bailey is the 2017 IMCA Modified champion.  He beat Kevin Hewitt back to the line last week for his fifth Top 3 finish in third.  In the last two years, he's had eight Top 3 finishes.  His championship was basically won by his performance in the R. Charles Snyder Salute.  He made the big Main Event, while Albert Gill did not.  All Bailey needed to do was start the season finale to wrap up the championship.  Added to his heat race and Trophy Dash wins, it was a good night for Bailey.

With Gill absent to attend a family function, second place was Mark Wauge's for the taking.  Wauge was coming off of a strong R. Charles Snyder Salute performance with a $2,500 second place finish, and he wanted to see if he could enter the winner's circle this season.  Wauge has already reached the 50 win mark at Southern Oregon Speedway in a career that has seen him win the track championship seven times.  Mark ran down Kevin Hewitt for the lead.  Hewitt was clinging to the bottom groove.  After running for a few laps behind him, Wauge pulled to the outside, grabbed the lead from Hewitt and pulled away for the victory.  He moved into second in the final standings.

Fourth place in the standings was still up for grabs between Ray Kniffen Jr. and Preston Jones.  Kniffen took a beating at the previous race and was hoping he could have a strong ending and grab the fourth position.  Unfortunately, he blew a motor in hot laps and will settle for a career best fifth place ranking.  This was a year that also saw him pick up a Trophy Dash win.  Jones has looked good this season, and he saved the best for last as he finished second in the finale.  This gave Jones fourth in the final standings, and he has now been Top 5 in points in this division along with Late Model Lites and Sprint Cars.

The IMCA Modifieds went the entire season without a repeat winner.  In fact, Wauge was the only repeat winner last season.  In 2015, there were 11 different winners as only Wauge and Nick Trenchard were repeat winners.  With his fifth place feature finish in the finale, Tim Bailey moved into the Top 10 in the standings as did rookie Jantzen Knips.  Knips started the season late after buying his car from James Anderson.  Bailey took last season off following his third place season a year earlier.

Mike Medel upgraded to a new car this season.  The goal wasn't just to defend his IMCA Sport Modified championship.  He wanted to get more wins this season.  After his fifth place finish in the R. Charles Snyder Salute, Mike knew that he would clinch the track championship as long as he just started the Main Event.  However, he was on a mission to end the season with a victory.  Once Medel got into second, he stalked leader Matt Sanders for several laps before making his winning pass on lap 17.  At times, Mike was tested this season, but he always came through with a good finish when it was needed.  With two feature wins and two seconds, he now joins Jorddon Braaten and Dwayne Melvin as two time Sport Modified champions.

Willie McFall enjoyed his best season as he came within a couple of points of the lead going into the R. Charles Snyder Salute.  Unfortunately, he missed the Main Event transfer by one position, costing him a shot at the title going into the finale.  He rebounded from that disappointment with a third place feature finish in the finale that clinched him second in the standings ahead of two time winner Rich McCoy.  McFall also won his second Trophy Dash.  He also had one second place finish this season, and it won't be a surprise to see him win one next season.

Matt Sanders settled for a second place finish after leading most of the race in the former Kalvin Morton car.  Sanders led Randy Wright for several laps before Wright spun.  Wright is currently third in points in Yreka, where he has two season high second place finishes.  He came back to finish fourth ahead of Tony Bartell.  David Marble had a terrible start to his season that saw his car get destroyed in a crash at Cottage Grove.  The debut of his new car saw his night end in a crash in the Crack The Whip Challenge at the Roger Haudenshild Tribute race.  David eventually got the car dialed in and had a second and a third.  He was working on another third place finish before pitting.  Marble ended the season with a respectable fifth place point ranking.

Brock Peters didn't have a very good ending to his season.  He ended the season with a heat race win before a DNF in the Main Event.  However, he had four wins and two seconds at Southern Oregon Speedway, which helped him win his second straight SODCA Dwarf Car championship.  Chad Cardoza collected his third third place finish after winning the A Dash and his heat race.  Cardoza also had second place finishes here and in Yreka this year as he secured a second place ranking.

After his third place season last year, Kalvin Morton returned late in the season and was racing hard for his first Medford win.  He had a third place finish in Day #2 of the R. Charles Snyder Salute, and he led several laps at Day #1 before his car lost power right in front of Camden Robustelli.  In the finale, Kalvin ran a close second for most of the race as Rob Gergel won his first Main Event.  Mason Lewman was hoping for two in a row, but his night ended early with a blown motor.

Cody Peters was hoping for a Main Event win to celebrate his birthday at the R. Charles Snyder Salute, but he blew a motor on Day #1.  Cody had some brilliant moments this season, including his win in the Dwarf Car Nationals with a last turn pass on Danny Wagner and another win in Yreka.  He wrapped up a good season with a fourth place feature finish ahead of Randy Slater.  Slater showed much improvement this season and finished third earlier this season for his best effort this year.  You could see that Randy was faster this year, and it won't be a surprise to see him win next season.
Placerville Speedway Race Results September 16, 2017
360 Sprint Cars
A Main

Buddy Kofoid
Justyn Cox
Sean Becker
Colby Copeland
Greg DeCaires
Tony Gualda
Cole Macedo
D.J. Freitas
Jimmy Trulli
Ryan Robinson
Shane Hopkins
Mason Moore
Tanner Carrick
Mike Benson
Steven Tiner
James Sweeney
Jake Morgan
Cody Lamar
Matt Peterson
Colby Wiesz

B Main

Matt Peterson 
Tanner Carrick
Colby Wiesz
Ryan Robinson
Cody Fendley
Chris Masters
Justyn Dill
Justin Johnson
Mike Cook
Kenny Allen
Jodie Robinson
Nathan Rolfe
C.J. Humphreys 

Limited Late Models
Ray Trimble
Tom Tillford
Randy McDaniel
Matt Michelli
Wayne Trimble
Eddie Gardner
Mike Lightfoot
Matt Davis
Tyler Lightfoot
Ken Michelli
Jay Norton
Dave Trimble
Kiely Ricardo
Dennis Ahart

Pure Stocks
Orville Owens
Scott Grunert
Jason Palmer
Rick Grunert
Ted Ahart
Tim Mack
John Ewing
Kevin Jinkerson
Jesse Van Roekel
Mike Stoeckle
Travis Emery
Lonnie Leonard 
Chris Van Roekel
Kyle Grunert
Dave Silva
Jeff Sly
Robert Treat
Ronnie Richards
Nick Baldwin
Kevin Tremblay

NCDCA Dwarf Cars
Ryan Winter
Mike Grenert
Mike Reeder
Scott Dahlgren
Kevin Bender
Ben Wiesz
Danny Wagner
Jeff Fitch
Lonnie Tekaat 
Josh Wiesz
Adam Teves
Aaron Rupley
Shawn Whitney
Carl Drivold
Sam Wren
Dan Weger 

All American Speedway Race Results September 16, 2017
PCS Late Model

Jason Romero
Mike Beeler
John Moore
Cole Moore
Michael Hite
Austin Herzog
Shannon Mansch
Jack Wood
Matt Wendt
Travis Milburn
Matt Scott
Randy Hedrick

Limited Modified
Nick Lyons
Tyler Wentworth
Dave Campbell
Mike Gorhman
Corey Englehardt
Dale Didoha
Rick Andersen
Josh Blackwood

Chris Paulson
Blake Disomma
Tim Walters
Travis Henry
Mario Davis
Wayne Hickok
Erick Ray
Will Harmon
Nathan Hickok
Bradly Gordon
Daryl Fitzgerald 

Jess Yendes
Mel Wilson
Spencer Emerson
Don McMullen
Ray Molina
Brian Bishop
Tony Vino
Geof Sargent
John Haines
Rick Enable DQ

Douglas County Speedway Race Results September 16, 2017
NW Pro 4 Alliance

Rick Thompson
Eddie Secord
Brad Morrison
Steve Thompson
Jeff Jones
Bill McAdams
Charles McDonald
Jeff Raver
Brian Cole
Tom Pinkowski
Tommy Laxson
Brian Tischler
Joe Bowers 

Mini Stock
Dale Roth
Chuck Jacobs
Danny Elder
Dan Colton
Ron Johnson
Jimmy Smith
Logan Baron

Pro 4
Dustin Knight
Rich McCoy
Casey Osuna
Rikki Knight 

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Championship Night #2 Ends Southern Oregon Speedway Season

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Championship Night #2 Ends 
Southern Oregon Speedway Season

White City, Oregon...It seems like the season has just flown by at Southern Oregon Speedway.  This Saturday will be Championship Night #2.  After crowning the first four champions last week, we still have five other championships to decide on Saturday night.  The Late Models are back along with the IMCA Modifieds, IMCA Sport Modifieds, Mini Stocks and SODCA Dwarf Cars.

The Mini Stock division will bring the closet battle of the season.  The most consistent driver of the group has been Kristopher Mix.  Mix has five Top 3 finishes and has finished as high as second.  16 year old Dillen Lausen also has a second place finish this season, while 15 year old Michael Johnson has a win.  Mix leads Lausen by just five points and Johnson by eight.  Because of his recent Top 4 finish, Mix will start the night in the Trophy Dash while Johnson and Lausen watch from the sidelines.  It's an opportunity for Mix to add points to his lead.  

It's also an opportunity for 2013 champion Steve Goetz to gain some ground.  Goetz is a Main Event winner this season, and he trails Mix by 13 points.  It's anybody's guess who will win this championship.  With four time winner David Steele, two time winner Gary Anderson, Andrew Hall and possibly 2016 champion Bob Burkett in the field, it's going to be a battle to the checkered flag.

Dustin Knight opted to start at the back of the pack last week after winning the Late Model heat race.  despite that, he raced into the lead within a few laps and won his third Main Event.  The win didn't come easy with point leader Nathan Augustine making several attempts to get by before finishing second.  After the win, Knight remarked that he would be missing the season finale due to another commitment.  Because he made a similar comment two races ago, there are some people wondering if Knight will give up on his quest for his third championship in a third different division at the track.

Whether Knight is back or not, Augustine is committed to winning this championship.  The 2016 Coos Bay Speedway champion holds a nine point advantage over Knight.  Nathan also has two feature wins and four Trophy Dash triumphs.  He was going for his fifth dash win last week when John Dees forced him to settle for second.  J. Dees and his father Bob Dees are two drivers determined to get a feature win this week.  Both have run well this season.  Bob is a feature winner this year and is currently a comfortable third ahead of Dave Foote and Mike Linder in the standings.  Foote finished third last week.  Word is that Rich McCoy will be racing this week in a car that came from the Rapp Racing shop and Chris Biggs will be making his second start in the growing division.

Jesse Bailey took a big step towards the IMCA Modified championship just by making the R. Charles Snyder Salute two weeks ago.  He may just need a Main Event green flag to clinch that title, but he'll be out to earn his first win since 2015.  Albert Gill will be looking for redemption following a disappointing night two weeks ago.  In fact, the two time champion is just four points ahead of Mark Wauge in a close battle for second.  Wauge finished a strong second in the R. Charles Snyder Salute, but he wants to end the season with a win.  There are still some positions up for grabs in the Top 10, and Ray Kniffin Jr., Preston Jones, Shane Everson, Duane Orsburn, Zach Fettinger and James Welshonse are other drivers to watch for this week.

Championships seem to come in twos for the IMCA Sport Modified division.  Dwayne Melvin and Jorddon Braaten have each won back to back titles.  After a solid fifth place finish in the R. Charles Snyder Salute, Mike Medel pretty much just needs a Main Event start to win his second straight championship.  Medel has been consistent, and that leaves the battle for second between Willie McFall and hard charging Rich McCoy.  With a pair of victories, McCoy is just a point behind McFall in the standings.  There's still the matter of who will end the season as the final feature winner, and Jesse Merriman, Melvin, David Marble, Justin McCreadie and Tony Duste are at the top of the list of contenders for that honor.

Brock Peters has had an impressive season with four wins and two seconds in SODCA Dwarf Car competition at Southern Oregon Speedway.  His lead over Chad Cardoza is just 11 points.  It might still take a very bad night for Peters to cost him his second straight championship, but he's not taking anything for granted.  He didn't do all that well in the $1,000 to win features two weeks ago, which were won by two time champion Josh King and Mason Lewman.  Peters knows anything can happen.  Ryan Smith only has a ten point lead over the rapidly improving Randy Slater for third.  Slater is in the midst of his best season ever.  Ageless veteran Fred Hay leads Cody Peters by ten points in the battle for fifth.  With all of these positions up for grabs, it's going to make this an exciting night of racing.

Saturday night's show should be a good one from start to finish.  It's the final chance to check out a race before the season ends.  Gates open at 5:00 PM with the first race ay 7:00 PM.  General Admission is $12.00, Juniors (6-12), Seniors and Veterans are $6.00 and Children 5 and under are free.  For further information, go to

Pit Stops

Southern Oregon Speedway brought the curtain down on four of this season's championship races last week, and there's optimism in the air about the future.  The Kendall Oil Winged Sprint Cars and JOAT Labs Hornets ended the season on a high note.  The Late Models are gaining momentum.  The Late Model Lites have maintained what they had last season, and the Pro Stocks have also maintained a strong presence.

David Hibbard so believed in the new rules the track used to establish Sprint Cars that he worked behind the scenes recruiting drivers and sponsoring this year's effort.  Given his experience, you might have thought David would use this as a vehicle to showcase himself and go for the championship, but getting a car count was his biggest goal.  David fielded three cars as his father Calvin and son Bailey were part of the team.  He also lent a motor to Jake Wheeler to get him out there.  Despite two bad nights, he came into last week ranked second in points and stood a good chance of finishing there.

David had three second place finishes and won the previous race.  Meanwhile, his son Bailey had a blown motor in hot laps in the finale and also at the Cascade Wingless Sprint race.  David decided to turn the wheel of his #3 Sprinter over to his son.  He remarked that he's had his glory, and he wanted his son to have a chance at a win and possibly second in the final standings.  Bailey's confidence level has gone up since his win last September.  Saturday night, Bailey did everything he could do to stake his claim on third in the standings as he won his third Main Event of the season.

However, rookie Merissa Henson stood in his way.  Merissa has had a good season and has done well getting her car to the finish line most of the time with lead lap finishes.  She finished a solid fourth last week to win the second place battle by one point over B. Hibbard.  Henson may have won this battle at the previous race.  New champion Kyler Barraza passed her for his seventh Top 3 finish that night as he clinched the division championship.  B. Hibbard was right behind her, trying to make a similar move  However, Merissa stayed cool under pressure and brought it home in fourth that night as well.  Had she given up that position to B. Hibbard, he would have finished second in the standings.  Second and "Rookie Of The Year" honors made this a great year for the talented teen racer, and B. Hibbard can be very proud of his third place season as well.

The young racers in the Sprint Car division are why the future looks so bright.  Tanner Holmes made just his third start last week and had his best finish yet.  The multi time Outlaw Kart champion won a battle with Scramble winner Kinzer Cox late in the Main Event for a second place finish.  In 2018, the competition needs to beware of Tanner.  He's just 14 years old, and he has some great seasons to come as he gains more seat time.  Enrique Jaime did a good job all season long as he finished fifth in points.  In the season finale, Enrique looked impressive in winning his heat race.  We've seen Dwarf Car star Camden Robustelli finish second and third this year, and if the team decides to focus more of their efforts with the Sprint Car next year, he will become an even bigger threat to win.  The bottom line is good things are happening in the Kendall Oil Winged Sprint Car class at Southern Oregon Speedway.

The JOAT Labs Hornets were almost an after thought two years ago before KJE Enterprises came in as the new promoter of the speedway.  With JOAT Labs building good cages for new cars, Tim Hedges fielding four cars every week and several new drivers joining the fun, car count reached into the double digits on multiple occasions.  In fact, almost 20 different cars competed this year.  2000 Thrill Cars champion Jason Stoutenburgh won the championship after winning four straight Main Events.

T. Hedges gave it a good run, but the motor in two of his cars started to go away at the end of the season.  He was basically just going around the track, which was not what he came out there to do.  Prior to the finale, Hedges spent a couple of intense days preparing yet another car.  The Hedges team brings a great deal of enthusiasm with them to the track.  Tim lost second on the final night, but that trophy will still go to the family as wife Jenna took over second in the standings.  Jenna ended her season strong with a pair of heat wins and dash wins in the last four weeks.

Young Ashtin Hedges was the only one on the team to get a Top 5 finish in the finale as he held off the fast closing Dylan Irving.  Ashtin will take home the fourth place trophy.  Another battle was taking place between 14 year old Irving, teammate Brandon Wonsyld and Derrel Nelson Jr.  Dylan is being groomed to eventually take the wheel of his father Ken's #1 Pro Stock, and he had an amazing preliminary effort with heat race and Trophy Dash wins, both ahead of Stoutenburgh.  Those wins probably kept the fifth place trophy in his possession.  2016 point runnerup Derrel Nelson Jr. won his heat race and lost a close battle with Wonsyld for second in the Main Event.  Only six points separated these three in the end as Irving beat Nelson and Wonsyld.

Going into the season, 14 year old Gabe Nelson was set to make his debut in the #8g car.  However, Gabe wasn't comfortable with the stick shift, and his father and brothers took turns driving the car.  T. Hedges put Gabe in his #4t car for the finale.  Gabe won a battle between the two other newcomers, Bree Trichler and Kelli Burton, to take a checkered flag in ninth.  Look for Gabe in next year's rookie battle, and the Nelson family will probably have at least one more car as well.  Burton was making her second start in the former Christian Listro car as she made her Hornets debut at Coos Bay.  The popular Ashland High School PT Cruiser was back with Ethan Doty driving it to a seventh place finish.  More cars are in the works, and car count will continue to grow in this entry level division next season.

The Late Model division has had a good championship battle between 2016 Coos Bay Speedway champion Nathan Augustine and past Southern Oregon Speedway Pro Stock and IMCA Modified champion Dustin Knight.  This is a battle that has kept the crowd on the edge of their seats all year long.  After winning his heat race, Knight elected to start last in the Main Event and still grabbed the lead in just a few laps.  However, Augustine was quickly up to second and battling fiercely with Knight for the lead.  Knight collected his third win of the season, but Augustine protected a nine point lead with a second place finish.  Knight dropped a bombshell that he has another racing engagement scheduled for this week and will miss the finale.  If that holds true, Augustine will not be challenged for the championship.  Even if Knight does return, passing Augustine in points will not be easy.  We'll see what happens on race day.

Augustine has done a great job all season long, and one of the races the two time feature winner has excelled at is the Trophy Dash.  He was in the hunt for his fifth dash win, but John Dees had other ideas.  J. Dees looked good in the previous Main Event with a fourth place finish, and he led several laps in a race at Cottage Grove before finishing third.  The Trophy Dash was John's first win in the division.  Both he and his father Bob Dees have looked good this year.  Reigning champion B. Dees is a feature winner this season who had back to back third place finishes going into last week.  Bob was on his way to another third when he had to pit late in the race.  Both Bob and John would have to be considered threats to win this week.  "Rookie Of The Year" hopeful Garrett Dees would just like to make some laps and get his #66 car to the finish line.  His bad luck got worse last week when mechanical issues kept him from even starting the Main Event.

Dave Foote drove a solid race last week and earned his second third place finish.  The past Coos Bay Speedway champion holds fourth place in points ahead of Mike Linder and would have to be considered a threat to win this week.  Linder had problems early in the race and fell out.  Mike does have a third place finish and a heat race win, and if he has everything situated with the #22 car, he could be a threat for a win as well.  Word at the end of the night last week was that Rich McCoy would see some track time helping get a Late Model dialed in for the car's new owner.  We may also see Chris Biggs making his second start.

The Valley Stor-All Late Model Lites were back to finish the season.  After winning over 20 Mini Stock features in his career and the 2016 championship, Bob Burkett moved up to the new class to challenge himself.  He did well all season with four second place finishes and a win, which went along with four Trophy Dash triumphs.  Burkett used his fourth runnerup finish and dash win last week to clinch the championship and "Rookie Of The Year" honors.  Charlie Eaton didn't have quite the night he was hoping for.  He led the Trophy Dash for three and a half laps before being passed by Burkett.  He also lost a good battle with Greg Arnold for third and settled for his first non Top 3 finish of the season.  Still, he had one second and four thirds to wrap up a respectable second place point season.

2002 Truck champion Greg Arnold kicked off his night with the heat race win ahead of Dusty Aos and used that third place feature finish to move up to third in the final standings.  His first start of the year came in the Dusty Aos #3 car.  Dusty blew a motor in the previous race and his father, Eric Aos, decided to let him drive the #66 car in the finale.  Dusty made his father proud as he held off Burkett for his first career win.  The season ended on a low note for Danny Prewitt as he had more mechanical issues keep him from running last week.  Lee Doty is still without a car as his rollover back in early August bent the frame of his #7 car.  The 2016 champion decided to regroup and come back stronger next year.

The Pro Stocks completed their first Southern Oregon Speedway championship season since 2011 as management attempted to bring the class back in house with a guaranteed purse.  The car count only popped when the Outlaw Pro Stock Association supported the show, and even local area racers who could have supported the regular shows did not.  The points were still tight going into the final race as Dr. Scott Lenz led rookie Dean Hackworth by four points.  Lenz had motor problems in Coos Bay the week before as he was trying for his second straight win there.  Roy Bain offered Scott the wheel of the #19 car, and Lenz responded by winning the Trophy Dash and finishing sixth in the Main Event.  Lenz may not have made it to the show at all, so the ride in Bain's car won him the championship and kept him firmly in the Association point lead with one race left to go for them in Yreka.  Hackworth had a respectable showing and held off Jeffrey Hudson for second in the standings.

The Pro Stock drivers put their skills on display last week with perhaps the most exciting race of the night.  Scott Flowers got to watch the race, but not because he wanted to.  Flowers was eliminateed on the first lap after a crash with Johnny Cobb off of Turn 3.  The final 19 laps went all green, and James Flowers led most of the way before Jeffrey Hudson started to make his move.  Hudson and Flowers had a great battle during the final three laps.  Hudson made a last lap pass and drove Scott Bennett's car to the victory.  J. Flowers settled for his second runnerup finish at the track this season.  After motor problems earlier in the evening, Matt Harlow had a nice recovery with a third place finish ahead of Jeff Haudenshild and Ken Irving.

The Pro Stock Association continues to offer a reliable car count every time they are in town, and there were 15 cars on hand last week.  Past Yreka IMCA Modified and Worden Pro Stock champion Jeff Hudson was behind the wheel of the #87 car after working late in the week to get the car running.  However, motor problems ended his night early.  Fourth ranked Southern Oregon point competitor Josh Kralicek was also done after hot laps.  Management has indicated that the Association will be offered some dates next year, but we'll have to see how things work out.  S. Flowers has his hands full with Hudson and Cobb right behind him in the battle for second going into the Yreka September 23rd finale.  Lenz appears to be headed for that championship too.

Siskiyou Motor Speedway Prepares For Restad Memorial

There was some question by IMCA Modified racers in Yreka as to whether or not they had an actual championship season there this year.  For the record, they've had four point races, which meets the minimum race total requirement for a championship.  The Rod Restad Memorial will make five races.  The division was scheduled for several more races, but there was never more than one car on hand for those races as some of the racers were not happy with the sliding scale purse that left them competing for the same money as Sport Modifieds.

Most of the races held this year were actually for an increased purse, and Nick Trenchard won three of the four races.  Not surprisingly, the 2015 champion holds a 20 point lead over Kyle Casson.  Depending on where car count is for the $2,000 to win race, all Trenchard may need to do is take a green flag to win the championship.  The way he's been looking this year, Nick may be the driver to beat.  In addition to his Arnberg Memorial and Speedweek wins in Yreka, he won the Shipwreck Nationals at Elma, WA and the Roger Haudenshild Tribute in Medford, OR this season.

For most of the competitors, the Restad Memorial will be their final start of the season, and there are  sure to be some fast competitors looking for a win in the big race.  Local racer Kyle Casson is one of them.  Casson is tied with two time reigning champion Albert Gill for second, while James Welshonse is just 12 points behind them in fourth.  Casson's best finishes are a pair of seconds and a third, while Gill has a third place finish.  Duane Orsburn, seven time Medford champion Mark Wauge, past Yreka champion Lenny Toolanen and Jesse Bailey are others to watch for, and it's possible that Marysville area stars Randy McDaniel, Ryan McDaniel and Duane Cleveland could be there as well.

The IMCA Sport Modifieds are running for $1,000 to win, and some might think that they are being groomed for headline status in this race in the future.  Colton Cheffey has won five races in a row.  Though two time winner D.J. Bottoms has a lead of over 40 points and has clinched the championship, Cheffey has his eyes on the increased payday.  Nobody has won more at Yreka than Cheffey in the past two seasons.  Top 5 point competitors Randy Wright and Ryder Boswell have both earned second place finishes this season and are both hoping for their first win in the big race.  Boswell is only five points ahead of Jack Waldon III in a close battle for fifth in points after Waldon's season best third place finish last time.

Cory Biggs is back in action and came from last to a fourth place finish in the R. Charles Snyder Salute in Medford two weeks ago.  Biggs has a feature win in Yreka this year and would love another one on the big stage.  Keith Brown Jr. won the season opener, and the Top 5 ranked State point competitor plans to come back to try again.  Two time winner Jorddon Braaten indicated that he may not be here for his race, but Medford champion Mike Medel may make a run at the money.  Third ranked Randy Wight, two time winner Justin McCreadie, 2015 champion Colt Boswell, 2016 champion Jimmy Lipke, Doug Franklin and Garrett Hamilton are other drivers to watch for in the big race.

Mental error effected the McDonald's Mini Stock championship race in a big way.  Reigning champion Marilyn Yawnick had been doing all she needed to do to win another championship.  She has been consistent this year and had a win, three seconds and three thirds going into the last race.  After finishing fifth last time, she drove past the tech area and was disqualified.  That mistake handed the point lead to 15 year old Ethan Killingsworth by 23 points ahead of 2014 champion Mike Whitaker and 25 over Yawnick. 

Whitaker won for the second time that night, while Killingsworrh finished third.  Killingsworth leads the division with four victories, but some early season bad luck had him playing catch up.  All Yawnick needed to do was maintain with even a decent feature finish, but her disqualification has put Killingsworth in a comfortable position.  As long has he has no major blunders, the championship should be his.  If he does slip up, Whitaker and Yawnick could still make a move.

Past champion Terry Kendrick won his second Trophy Dash last time before finishing second in the Main Event for the second time.  Kendrick is a feature winner this year, but he still finds himself leading Mike Frost by just nine points in a close battle for fourth.  Two time winner and 2015 champion David Steele could make an appearance to close out the season, and other drivers to watch for in the finale include sixth ranked Amber Waldon, Aaron Jorgensen, Dennis Jorgensen, Guy Morris and Jason Frost.

The Outlaw Pro Stocks are back this week, and Dr. Scott Lenz is well on his way to the championship.  Lenz has won all six Yreka point races this season and two more Association point races at Southern Oregon Speedway, where he is the track champion.  Lenz is now 88 points ahead of Scott Flowers, but Flowers will have to have a good night to maintain his fourth straight runnerup season.  In Medford, Flowers was eliminated in an opening lap crash, and that cut his lead to 15 points over new third place driver Jeffrey Hudson and 28 points over Johnny Cobb.   Flowers has two seconds and two dash wins this year.  Hudson won the most recent race in Medford and won the Billy Geyer race earlier this year in addition to five second place finishes in Yreka.  If not for missing a race, the 2015 champion would be second in points.

The Outlaw Pro Stock racers are excited about their season finale, and there are still some positions up for grabs.  After his second runnerup finish in Medford, James Flowers holds a 12 point lead over rookie Bryan Hammond and a 16 point lead over Matt Harlow in the battle for fifth.  Harlow had a good night in Medford with a third place finish, and all three of these drivers are running strong.  Other drivers to watch for include 2016 "Rookie Of The Year" Julia Flowers, Ginny Flowers, Jeff Haudenshild and Roy Bain.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Hibbard, Knight, Hudson Win At Southern Oregon Speedway, Plus Coos Bay Speedway

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Bailey Hibbard Wins Third Kendall Oil Sprint Car Feature 
At Southern Oregon Speedway

White City, Oregon...September 9...Bailey Hibbard wrapped up the 2017 Kendall Oil Sprint Car season with his third 25 lap Main Event win Saturday night at Southern Oregon Speedway.  Hibbard blew a motor in his normal car, prompting his father David Hibbard to put him in his Hansen & Sons Trucking/Dave's Floor & Vinyl Liquidators #3 car for the night.  With three feature wins, Kyler Barraza had already clinched the championship, and D. Hibbard was second in points coming into the night.  His decision not to race left the battle between B. Hibbard and rookie Merissa Henson for second.  Henson came into the night leading B. Hibbard by just eight points, and she beat him by just one point for the runnerup position.

Rookie Enrique Jaime started his night off with his first career six lap heat race win ahead of B. Hibbard.  Kinzer Cox spent the preliminaries being chased by 14 year old phenom Tanner Holmes.  Cox beat Holmes to win both their heat race and the four lap Scramble.  Cox and Holmes shared the front row of the Main Event, and Cox raced into the lead at the green flag.  B. Hibbard charged into second on the opening lap and made an inside pass on the front stretch a lap later to take the lead from Cox.  Holmes was running strong in third, while Henson held fourth.  The only yellow flag of the race flew on lap 18 for David Johnson in Turn 3.  B. Hibbard remained in command on the restart, and Cox was starting to feel pressure from Holmes.  An inside pass on the back stretch of the 21st lap gained Holmes second from Cox.  B. Hibbard drove a great race and wrapped up his best season yet with the victory.  Holmes was a strong second as Cox settled for third.  Henson used a lead lap fourth place finish to wrap up an impressive rookie season in second in the final standings.  Camden Robustelli, Hedge Carter, Jaime and Johnson completed the finishing order.

Race Results
Kendall Oil Winged Sprint Cars
Heat 1-Enrique Jaime, Bailey Hibbard, Camden Robustelli.  Heat 2-Kinzer Cox, Tanner Holmes, Merissa Henson.  Scramble-Kinzer Cox, Tanner Holmes, Bailey Hibbard.  Main Event-Bailey Hibbard, Tanner Holmes, Kinzer Cox, Merissa Henson, Camden Robustelli, Hedge Carter, Enrique Jaime, David Johnson, David Hibbard (DNS).

Knight Flies To Third Late Model Feature Win 
At Southern Oregon Speedway

White City, Oregon...September 9...Dustin Knight made a charge from the back of the pack to win the 20 lap Late Model Main Event Saturday night at Southern Oregon Speedway.  After winning the eight lap heat race, Knight elected to start last, but he quickly charged through the pack to lay claim to his third feature win of the season.  Incoming point leader Nathan Augustine finished second to maintain a slim nine point lead going into next week's season finale.

Augustine was going for his fifth four lap Trophy Dash win, but John Dees denied him as he scored his first career victory.  Knight won the six lap heat race ahead of reigning champion Bob Dees.  Garrett Dees' bad luck continued as he scratched before the Main Event.  B. Dees raced into the early Main Event lead ahead of Dave Foote as Knight quickly struck to third.  A low move in Turn 4 of the second lap gained Knight second from Foote, and Knight charged by on the outside down the front stretch to take the lead from B. Dees on lap four.  Augustine was up to third by then and he slipped past B. Dees for second on lap six.  Augustine made it a battle for the lead and pulled alongside Knight on the outside on several occasions.  However, Knight always moved back ahead on the straightaway.  B. Dees pitted from third on lap 17, handing the position to Foote.  Trying for the lead again as they exited Turn 2 on lap 19, Augustine got out of shape and fell back a little bit.  Knight brought it home to another impressive victory with Augustine holding on for second.  Foote enjoyed a season best third ahead of J. Dees, B. Dees, Don Garrett Jr. and Mike Linder.

Race Results
Late Models
Heat-Dustin Knight, Bob Dees, Dave Foote.  Trophy Dash-John Dees, Nathan Augustine, Bob Dees.  Main Event-Dustin Knight, Nathan Augustine, Dave Foote, John Dees, Bob Dees, Don Garrett Jr., Mike Linder, Garrett Dees (DNS).

Hudson Grabs Second Pro Stock Win, Lenz Champion 
At Southern Oregon Speedway

White City, Oregon...September 9...Jeffrey Hudson won a thrilling 20 lap Pro Stock Main Event Saturday night at Southern Oregon Speedway.  Hudson made a last lap pass on James Flowers to grab his second  victory at the track this season aboard the Scott Bennett owned car.  With motor problems sidelining his own car for the night, Dr. Scott Lenz drove the Roy Bain car to a sixth place finish and won the track championship in the process.  Lenz continues to lead the Outlaw Pro Stock Association point race, and their battle for second got a little closer going into the Yreka finale after Scott Flowers was eliminated in an opening lap crash.  S. Flowers is in a close battle with Hudson and Johnny Cobb in OPSA points with one race left to go for them.  The OPSA brought in the sponsorship of First Class Auto Glass to increase the purse for the night.

Lenz started the night off with a four lap Trophy Dash win ahead of Dean Hackworth.  The OPSA Trophy Dash was sponsored by Lucas Oil.  James Flowers won the first six lap heat race ahead of his father, Scott Flowers.  Ken Irving won the second heat ahead of Bryan Hammond, and Jeffrey Hudson won the third heat in front of Johnny Cobb.  There were 13 Main Event starters as Josh Kralicek and Jeff Hudson were scratches.  James Flowers led the opening lap before a yellow flag flew as Cobb and S. Flowers crashed off of Turn 3.  James Flowers led the restart as Jeffrey Hudson took second from Irving.  The final 19 laps ran caution free.  Jeff Haudenshild moved up to battle Irving for third, grabbing the position on lap six.  Cobb brushed the wall and fell back several positions.  Matt Harlow took fourth from Irving on lap seven and passed Haudenshild for third on lap eight.  James Flowers was in heavy traffic by then, and he lapped sixth place Lenz on lap 13.  By lap 17, the battle for the lead intensified.  On lap 18 and 19, Hudson made low passes in Turn 3 to take the lead, only to watch James Flowers come back on the high side in Turn 4 to regain the lead.  Hudson went high in Turn 2 on the last lap to take the lead and win away from James Flowers.  Harlow finished a solid third ahead of Haudenshild and final lead lap finisher Irving.  Lenz settled for sixth ahead of Julia Flowers, Hammond, Hackworth and Cobb.  The rookie Hackworth will finish second in track points.

Race Results
Pro Stocks
Heat 1-James Flowers, Scott Flowers, Jeff Haudenshild.  Heat 2-Ken Irving, Bryan Hammond, Julia Flowers.  Heat 3-Jeffrey Hudson, Johnny Cobb, Scott Lenz.  Trophy Dash-Scott Lenz, Dean Hackworth, Bryan Hammond.  Main Event-Jeffrey Hudson, James Flowers, Matt Harlow, Jeff Haudenshild, Ken Irving, Scott Lenz, Julia Flowers, Bryan Hammond, Dean Hackworth, Johnny Cobb, Darron Arnold, Ginny Flowers, Scott Flowers, Jeff Hudson (DNS), Josh Kralicek (DNS).

Dusty Aos Wins First Valley Stor-All Late Model Lites 
Main Event At Southern Oregon Speedway

White City, Oregon...September 9...Dusty Aos won the 20 lap Valley Stor-All Late Model Lites Main Event Saturday night at Southern Oregon Speedway.  Dusty took the wheel of his father Eric Aos' car and drove it to his first career victory.  Rookie Bob Burkett finished second to wrap up his championship winning season.

Burkett won the four lap Trophy Dash ahead of Charlie Eaton.  Greg Arnold won a battle with Aos to win the six lap heat race.  Danny Prewitt's bad luck continued as mechanical problems forced him to scratch from the heat and Main Event.  Aos had the outside front row for the feature and raced into the lead at the start.  Burkett charged past pole sitter Arnold for second and took up pursuit of Aos.  Arnold had his hands full with Eaton, who was trying to complete a season of all Top 3 finishes.  Aos set a good pace up front and caught a slower car on lap 15.  However, Aos made the right move and lapped the car on his way to victory.  Burkett settled for second.  Arnold outdueled Eaton for third as Casey Osuna rounded out the Top 5.

Race Results
Valley Stor-All Late Model Lites
Heat-Greg Arnold, Dusty Aos, Charlie Eaton.  Trophy Dash-Bob Burkett, Charlie Eaton, Greg Arnold.  Main Event-Dusty Aos, Bob Burkett, Greg Arnold, Charlie Eaton, Casey Osuna, Danny Prewitt (DNS).

Stoutenburgh Grabs Fourth Straight JOAT Labs Hornets Win On Way To Southern Oregon Speedway Championship

White City, Oregon...September 9...Jason Stoutenburgh won the 20 lap JOAT Labs Hornets Main Event Saturday night at Southern Oregon Speedway.  This was the fourth straight win for Stoutenburgh as he won his second  championship at the track.  Stoutenburgh beat Albert Gill to win the 2000 Thrill Cars championship.  Rookie Brandon Wonsyld had his best finish of the season as he battled Derrel Nelson Jr. for a second place finish.

14 year old rookie Dylan Irving began an impressive preliminary effort by holding off Stoutenburgh to win the four lap Trophy Dash.  Irving repeated that performance with a six lap heat race win ahead of Stoutenburgh.  Nelson won the other heat race ahead of Wonsyld.  Nelson raced into the early Main Event lead from the pole.  Stoutenburgh took second from Irving on lap two.  A high pass in Turn 2 of the seventh lap gained Stoutenburgh the lead from Nelson.  Wonsyld took third from Irving on lap eight.  Moments later, contact with a slower car sent Irving spinning in Turn 2 for a yellow flag.  Stoutenburgh continued to lead Nelson and Wonsyld on the restart.  Ashtin Hedges led Jenna Hedges in the battle for fourth, and Irving made an outside pass on the front stretch to take sixth from Ethan Doty on lap 13.  Stoutenburgh had a straightaway lead on Nelson by lap 14, and Irving made a low pass in Turn 4 to take fifth from J. Hedges on lap 15.  Wonsyld closed in on Nelson and moved by for second on lap 19.  However, nobody was stopping Stoutenburgh from scoring his fourth straight win.  Wonsyld finished second ahead of Nelson, A. Hedges, Irving, J. Hedges, Doty, Tim Hedges, Gabe Nelson and Bree Trichler.

Race Results
JOAT Labs Hornets
Heat 1-Derrel Nelson Jr., Brandon Wonsyld, Ashtin Hedges.  Heat 2-Dylan Irving, Jason Stoutenburgh, Jenna Hedges.  Trophy Dash-Dylan Irving, Jason Stoutenburgh, Derrel Nelson Jr.  Main Event-Jason Stoutenburgh, Brandon Wonsyld, Derrel Nelson Jr., Ashtin Hedges, Dylan Irving, Jenna Hedges, Ethan Doty, Tim Hedges, Gabe Nelson, Bree Trichler, Kelli Burton.

May, George, Montgomery Win 
Coos Bay Speedway Season Finales

Coos Bay, Oregon...September 9...Dave May won the season finale 20 lap Winged Sprint Car Main Event Saturday night at Coos Bay Speedway.  This was the third win of the season for the two time champion.  However, Lawrence Van Hoof ran closely behind May in second to wrap up his championship season.  Mike Crawford ran a strong third ahead of Steven Snawder, Casey Sabin and final lead lap finisher Criston Beaird.  Brett Hulsey DNF'ed in seventh.  Hulsey won the five lap Trophy Dash ahead of Van Hoof.  May won the eight lap heat as Van Hoof finished second in this race as well.

Mike George won the 25 lap NASCAR Whelen All American Series Super Late Model Main Event.  This was the tenth win of the season for George as he wrapped up his championship season.  Toby McIntyre wasn't too far behind in second to finish out his runnerup points season.  Jared Bemetz finised a solid third ahead of Brody Montgomery, Thor Kristensen, Brian Tenney and Chris Ray.  Bemetz won the five lap Trophy Dash ahead of George, and McIntyre held off George to win the eight lap heat race.

Brody Montgomery won the 20 lap Sportsman Late Model Main Event.  Montgomery's 14th win of the season was more than enough to win him the track championship after a season long battle with two time champion Wayne Butler.  About a straightaway behind in second was Dyllan Siewell as Butler settled for third.  Troy Chamberlain finished fourth ahead of Deven Brown and Charlie Withers.  Siewell won the five lap Trophy Dash ahead of Butler, while Butler beat Siewell to win the eight lap heat race.

Daniel Land won the 20 lap Street Stock Main Event.  This was the third win of the season for the 2016 champion as he battled Steve Dubisar all night long.  Land beat Dubisar to win the Main Event, the five lap Trophy Dash and eight lap heat race.  Ken Fox finished third in the Main Event ahead of new track champion Justin Krossman.

Sam Talon won the 20 lap Mini Outlaws Main Event.  This was his eighth win of the season as he won his second track championship in three years.  Talon beat Rob Lauver to win the feature, five lap Trophy Dash and eight lap heat race.  Talon's win over Lauver in the dash was a near photo finish.  Lauver was about a straightaway behind in the Main Event as Jason Kallam settled for third, followed by John Henry, Alyssa Johnson and Dan Daniels.

Ryan Siewell wrapped up his Hornets championship season with a 20 lap Main Event win.  Siewell's 12th win of the season came a straightaway ahead of Hannah Robison in second.  She was closely followed by Tom Williams.  Sam Taylor finished fourth, followed by David Pellum, Eric Kolari, final lead lap finisher Tyler McIntyre, April Warmack, Tim Young and Patrick Nagel.  Warmack won the five lap Trophy Dash ahead of 2016 champion Jeremiah Reiber.  Robison beat Reiber to win the first heat race, and Braden Fugate won the second heat by a straightaway ahead of McIntyre.

On October 7th, the Prather family presents the annual Lucas Oil Open Show.  The Late Models will run for $3,000 to win and a minimum of $200 to start the Main Event.  The Sportsman Late Models and Street Stocks will race for $500 to win and the Hornets will pay $300 to win.  For further information, go to

Chico Silver Dollar Speedway Race Results September 9, 2017
WoO Craftsman Sprints

Results are not official
1     #2 Shane Stewart
2     #121 Justin Sanders
3     #83 Kyle Hirst
4     #35 Jamie Veal
5     #29 Willie Croft
6     #49 Brad Sweet
7     #21X Carson Macedo
8     #37 Mitchell Faccinto
9     #17 Jac Haudenschild
10     #1S Logan Schuchart
11     #15 Donny Schatz
12     #41 Jason Johnson
13     #O Bud Kaeding
14     #41S Dominic Scelzi
15     #9 Daryn Pittman
16     #3C DJ Netto
17     #7 Kalib Henry
18     #5 David Gravel
19     #21W Jake Wheeler
20     #93 Sheldon Haudenschild
21     #24 Rico Abreu
22     #20 Cory Eliason
23     #83JR Jonathan Allard
24     #75 Sean Becker
25     #19 Brent Marks
26     #1A Jacob Allen

Results are not official
1     #3C DJ Netto
2     #5 David Gravel 
3     #21W Jake Wheeler
4     #1A Jacob Allen
5     #7S Jason Sides
6     #4 Paul McMahan
7     #15 Donny Schatz
8     #22M Mason Moore
9     #19X Chase Majdic
10     #22 Shane Golobic
11     #11K Kraig Kinser
12     #93 Sheldon Haudenschild
13     #26 Tayler Malsam
14     #92 Andy Forsberg


Results are not official
1     #26 Tayler Malsam
2     #11K Kraig Kinser
3     #7B Brent Bjork 
4     #98 Sean Watts
5     #13 Clyde Knipp
6     #18 Jennafer Frazier
7     #W20 Greg Wilson
8     #44W Austen Wheatley    

NCDCA Dwarf Cars - A Main
Results are not official
1     #72N Mike Reeder            
2     #4N Ryan Winter
3     #12N Mike Grenert    
4     #11D Danny Wagner
5     #57N Ben Wiesz    
6     #55N Josh Wiesz    
7     #96N Dan Geil
8     #07N Dan Weger
9     #2 Lonnie Tekaat    
10     #56N Dennis Hively    
11     #10 Carl Drivold    
12     #12B Alan Heeney            
13     #75N Toby Brown        
14     #9N Kevin Bender    
15     #21N Scott Dahlgren
16     #63N Buddy Olschowka    
17     #01N Jeremy Blackshere
18     #51N Robert Johnson
19     #112N Sam Wren    
20     #77N Aaron Rupley

Chico Silver Dollar Speedway Race Results September 8, 2017
WoO Craftsman Sprints

Results are not official
1     #83 Kyle Hirst
2     #2 Shane Stewart
3     #41S Dominic Scelzi
4     #20 Cory Eliason
5     #121 Justin Sanders
6     #83JR Jonathan Allard
7     #22 Shane Golobic
8     #5 David Gravel
9     #15 Donny Schatz
10     #93 Sheldon Haudenschild
11     #35 Jamie Veal
12     #22M Mason Moore
13     #49 Brad Sweet
14     #1S Logan Schuchart
15     #3C DJ Netto
16     #O Bud Kaeding
17     #37 Mitchell Faccinto
18     #9 Daryn Pittman
19     #7S Jason Sides
20     #11K Kraig Kinser
21     #17 Jac Haudenschild
22     #4 Paul McMahan
23     #24 Rico Abreu
24     #1A Jacob Allen
25     #29 Willie Croft
26     #92 Andy Forsberg        

Results are not official
1     #49 Brad Sweet
2     #29 Willie Croft
3     #92 Andy Forsberg
4     #5 David Gravel
5     #7 Kalib Henry
6     #15 Donny Schatz
7     #1S Logan Schuchart
8     #21X Carson Macedo
9     #19 Brent Marks
10     #44W Austen Wheatley
11     #W20 Greg Wilson
12     #13 Clyde Knipp
13     #7B Brent Bjork
14     #41 Jason Johnson    


Results are not official
1     #1S Logan Schuchart
2     #44W Austen Wheatley
3     #98 Sean Watts
4     #26 Tayler Malsam
5     #75 Sean Becker
6     #21W Jake Wheeler
7     #19X Chase Majdic
8     #18 Jennafer Frazier

NCDCA Dwarf Cars
Results are not official
1     #72N Mike Reeder        
2     #21N Scott Dahlgren
3     #80N Shawn Jones
4     #4N Ryan Winter
5     #9N Kevin Bender    
6     #12N Mike Grenert    
7     #55N Josh Wiesz
8     #01N Jeremy Blackshere
9     #39N Jeff Fitch    
10     #96N Dan Geil
11     #11D Danny Wagner
12     #57N Ben Wiesz
13     #77N Aaron Rupley
14     #2 Lonnie Tekaat    
15     #112N Sam Wren
16     #07N Dan Weger            
17     #26N Danny Zuger    

Chico Silver Dollar Speedway Race Results September 6, 2017
Civil War Series 360 Sprints
A Main

Michael Kofoid
Bud Kaeding
Shane Golobic
Sean Becker
Cory Eliason
D.J. Netto
Andy Forsberg
Justin Sanders
Michael Ing 
Mitchell Faccinto
Mason Moore
Carson Macedo
Tayler Malsam
Cody Hodgson
Kyle Hirst
Chase Majdic
Tanner Carrick
Shawn Conde
Nathan Rolfe
Willie Croft
Billy Wallace
Geoff Ensign

B Main
Geoff Ensign
Michael Ing
Kyle Hirst
Billy Wallace
Nathan Rolfe
Chase Majdic
Kalib Henry
Mike Monahan
Rico Abreu
Kyle Offill
Kirt Organ
Adam Brenton
Shane Hopkins
Tyler Seavey
Jeremy Hawes
Heath Hall
Rowdy McClenon
Koen Shaw
Jimmy Steward

C Main
Rowdy McClenon
Koen Shaw
Jeremy Hawes
Jimmy Steward
Jeremy Chisum
Bryan Grier
Brandon Powell
Korey Lovell

Wingless Spec Sprints
Austin Liggett
Klint Simpson
Kaleb Henry
Casey McClain
Tony Richards
Troy DeGaton
Sparky Howard
Brent Steck
Josh Vieira
Terry Schank Jr.
Brett Youngman
Barry Pries Jr.
Marcus Smith
Mike Ficklin
Ron Laplant
Angelique Bell
Trey Walters
Shawn Jones 

All American Speedway Rooseville, CA Race Results September 9, 2017

Erick Ray
Chris Paulson
Wayne Hickok
Nathan Hickok
Blake Disomma
Troy Walz
Travis Henry
Tim Walters
Bradly Gordon
Daryl Fitzgerald
Will Harmon
Tim Williams DQ

Limited Modifieds
Nick Lyons
Dave Campbell
Josh Blackwood
Aaron Coonfield
Mike Gorhman
Rick Andersen
Corey Englehardt
Erick Ray
Dale Didoha

Nick Halen
Rob Nascimento
Chad Nascimento
Jack Wood
Michael Ray
John Bowman
Keith Clement
Jose Hernandez
RJ Kahler
David Tooker

Street Stocks
Andrew Peeler
Jill Schmidt
Dan Farrington

Redwood Acres Raceway Eureka, CA Race Results September 9, 2017
NSMS Modifieds Main

Darrin Knight
Kyle (SUB RICHIE POTTS) Tellstrom
Randy Houston
Sierra Furia
Terry Deal
Eric Johnson
Darrin Sullivan
Charlie Collins
Jake Andreotti
Ian Elliott
Cody Kay
Simi Tour
Tom Ford
Adrianna Strugnell
Dustin DeRosier
Tom Elam
Marc Newman
Jeremy Kay
Willie Thompson
Sal Lopez

Jeff French
Jim Redd
Mic Molton
Kolby Jackson
Bethany Rapp
Jimmy Sorrels
Kimberley Sorrels
Sam Brown

Tyler Peach
Robert Miller
Tyler Krupa
Brad Curtice
MKinzy Uselton

Mini Stocks
Jordon Paiment
Brett Murrell
Scott Taylor
Trevor Eacret
Eugene Palmer
Brian Murrell Sr.
Brian Murrell Jr.
Troy Lee
Kayla Foster
Rick Estes

Thunder Roadsters

Ronnie O'Neil
Tommy Payne
Alan Olsen
Paul Baker
Chris Lawrence
Mac Collado

Main Event #1

Tim Buzzard Jr.
Daniel Buell
Dennis Anderson
Jennifer Murell
Nick Ford
Andy Savage
Tim Ratzlaff
Lindsey Zito

Main Event #2

Daniel Buell
Nick Ford
Dennis Anderson
Jennifer Murell
Tim Buzzard Jr.
Tim Ratzlaff
Lindsey Zito*

Friday, September 8, 2017

Season Nearing Conclusion At Southern Oregon Speedway, Coos Bay Preview, More

DCRR Racing Radio Show
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Southern Oregon Speedway Race Discussion
Can Be Heard HERE

Season Nearing Conclusion At Southern Oregon Speedway

White City, Oregon...The season is nearing an end at Southern Oregon Speedway.  On the heels of the big R. Charles Snyder Salute, the track has two championship nights remaining on the schedule.  The first one is this week.  Late Models still have one more race, but Saturday night will be the season finale for the Kendall Oil Winged Sprint Cars, Valley Stor-All Late Model Lites, JOAT Labs Hornets and the Pro Stocks.

The last time the Late Models competed, Dustin Knight hit the back wall and was out after the second lap of the Main Event.  Knight commented that his season was over, but a sponsor stepped forward to help him get his car back together.  Knight has won twice and finished second three times, but he lost the point lead following his crash.  Knight has a Pro Stock and IMCA Modified championship at the speedway, and if he were to win the Late Model title, he'd be the only driver in track history to win championships in three different divisions.

Nathan Augustine won his second Main Event last time out and his fourth Trophy Dash.  That gave him an 11 point lead over Knight.  Nathan was the Coos Bay champion last season, and he has been fast and smooth in his starts this year.  With Late Models on the schedule for the next two weeks, the championship battle between these two is far from over.

Bob Dees has a win and two thirds in his last three starts, and that has given the reigning Late Model champion a 24 point lead over Dave Foote in the battle for third.  Foote only leads Kristy Grout by 5 points and Mike Linder by 12 in a close battle for fourth.  These three drivers are looking for their first win of the season.

After his scacry crash in the Wingless Sprint Car race two weeks ago, Kyler Barraza has decided to end his season and regroup for next year.   "I am extremely thankful and feel very blessed to be able to walk away from a wreck like that with only a few burns, " said Kyler in a recent press release.  "I plan to take the time to heal and enjoy the little things in life before I strap back into the hobby that I love so much."

Barraza's dominant performance in the first eight races, which includes three wins, two seconds and two thirds, has enabled him to clinch the championship.  The battle is for second.  Coming off of his win in the most recent point race, David Hibbard has a 12 point lead over rookie Merissa Henson and a 20 point advantage over son Bailey Hibbard.  B. Hibbard has two wins this season, while Henson's season best finish is third.  Enrique Jaime has a solid hold on fifth in points, and after his second place finish last time, Camden Robustelli will be going for a win this week.

Bob Burkett is hoping to wrap up his rookie season in the Valley Stor-All Late Model Lites with a track championship.  Burkett leads Charlie Eaton by ten points.  Burkett has a win and three seconds this season, while Eaton has five Top 3 finishes.  Eaton is looking for his first win of the season, and he may need it to beat Burkett for the championship.  The battle for third finds Bill Spencer leading Eric Aos by nine points and the tied Randy Hansen and Greg Arnold by 19 points.  Hansen has won the last two Main Events and seems poised for a big move this week.  It's been all down hill since reigning champion Lee Doty won the season opener, but he'll be out for some redemption this week

When Jason Stoutenburgh won his third straight JOAT Labs Hornets Main Event last time out, he built a 24 point lead over Tim Hedges.  Stoutenburgh knows that if he doesn't stumble this week, he will win the championship.  This would be his second championship at the track as he is the 2000 Thrill Car champion.   T. Hedges has two wins, but motor problems in his last two starts has him battling his wife Jenna Hedges to hold on for second.  Jenna won her second Trophy Dash last time and trails Tim by five points.  Their son Ashtin Hedges will clinch fourth by starting this race, and 14 year old Dylan Irving is in a battle for fifth.  He leads Derrel Nelson Jr. by five points and Brandon Wonsyld by seven.

With three wins, Dr. Scott Lenz leads rookie Dean Hackworth by four points in the Pro Stock championship race.  Josh Kralicek is 19 points out of the lead.  The Outlaw Pro Stock group will be supporting this race, and Lenz also leads that point battle as Scott Flowers is headed for his fourth straight runnerup season.  Johnny Cobb and Jeffrey Hudson are also in the battle for second in the Outlaw Pro Stock group, and a good turnout is anticipated this week.

This will be the final opportunity for the Sprint Car, Late Model Lite, Hornet and Pro Stock drivers to make a move in points.  The late Models will bring more speed to the lineup, and it should be a great show for the fans as the season nears its conclusion.  Gates open at 5:00 PM with the first race at 7:00 PM.  General Admission is $12, Seniors, Juniors (6-12) and Veterans are $6 and Children 5 and under are free.  For further information, go to

Point Season Finale Coming To Coos Bay Speedway 
This Saturday Night

Coos Bay, Oregon...The season finale for the NASCAR Whelen All American Racing Series at Coos Bay Speedway is happening this Saturday night.  It's Sponsorship Appreciation Championship Night.  The Winged Sprint Cars are back this week along with the Super Late Models, Sportsman Late Models, Street Stocks, Mini Outlaws and Hornets. 

The closest championship battle at the track is happening in the Winged Sprint Car division.  Lawrence Van Hoof has a 16 point lead over Dave May.  Both drivers have won two Main Events, and Van Hoof has led the battle all season long.  Van Hoof opened the season with a second place finish, while May had his first of two DNF's.  Van Hoof has been consistent with Top 5 finishes in all six starts.  If he were to slip up, May could overtake him.  Likewise, May leads Casey Sabin by 16 points in the battle for second.  This week is also an opportunity to get a win.  Other drivers to watch in pursuit of that victory include Ryan Kingrey, Brett Hulsey, Christon Beaird and Scott Walling.

With nine wins this season, Mike George has led the Super Late Model championship battle from the start.  Counting the State championship and the rookie prize available to any driver who has never held a NASCAR license, George could win $6,000 by just maintaining his lead for one more week.  He should clinch all of that just by taking a green flag.  Meanwhile 2015 champion Toby McIntyre has a solid hold on second, which is worth around $3,000.  McIntyre is looking for his second win of the season, and other drivers to watch for include third ranked Chris Ray, Thor Kristensen, 2014 champion Trina Post and Brody Montgomery.

Montgomery is in his rookie season in Super Late Moels, but he's working on a $1,000 championship season in Sportsman Late Models.  Montgomery won for the 13th time of the season last week, once again chased by his closest rival Wayne Butler.  Reigning champion Butler has three wins this season and is only 22 points out of the lead.  He'll finish second unless Montgomery really slips up this week.  One time winner Dyllan Siewell will finish third in the final standings, and other drivers to watch for include Charlie Withers, Jeff Krossman, Deven Brown and Troy Chamberlain.

The Street Stocks had a slow start this year in their $500 championship battle.  Justin Krossman was there from the start and is a five time winner.  He has already clinched the championship.  In fact, Ken Fox will finish second in standings following his season best second place feature finish last week.  Two time winner Jeff Thurman will end up third in the standings.  There is a tie between six time winner Steve Dubisar and reigning champion Daniel Land for fourth.  Land won his second Main Event of the year last week.  Other drivers to watch for this week include Josh Bearden, Kelly McIntyre and Dustin Hitner.

Sam Talon is well in control of his second Mini Outlaw championship of the last three years.  Talon won last week for the seventh time of the season.  Dan Daniels has been at every show this year and will finish second in the standings.  This week gives him one more chance at a win.  Jason Kallam was looking for his second win last week, but Talon forced him to settle for second.  Kallam will finish third in the standings.  Other drivers to watch for this week include five time winner Rob Lauver, two time winners John Henry and Ken Fox, Alyssa Johnson and Jason Berrier.

Ryan Siewell has had an amazing season in Hornets.  Siewell leads the points on the strength of 11 wins and 16 Top 5 finishes, and he will win the championship.  Sam Taylor is fighting to hold on for second and possibly his first win this week.  Taylor leads Hannah Robison by 10 points and reigning champion Jeremiah Reiber by 16 points.  Reiber won his third Main Event last week, while Robison had a third place finish.  The teen leadfoot Robison will be trying for her first win this week.  April Warmack has had a good year and will finish fifth in the standings by just taking a green flag this week.  Other drivers to look for this week are two time winners Tom Williams and Braden Fugate, Patrick Nagel, Tim Young, 2016 point runnerup Jeremy Beard and Matt Butler.

Championship Night will be the final chance to watch a full slate of NASCAR action.  It should be a great night of racing.  The final oval track race of the year will happen on October 7th.  That will be the Prather Family Lucas Oil Open Show and will feature Super Late Models, Sportsman Late Models, Street Stocks, Mini Outlaws and Hornets.  For further information, go to

Pit Stops

The R. Charles Snyder Salute at Southern Oregon Speedway was the biggest IMCA Modified event of the year on the west coast so far with a $5,000 first prize being offered to the winner.  The money drew Bobby Hogge IV, who has won the big Labor Day Weekend event five times in the past.  One might have assumed everybody was racing for second, but an all star lineup of racers came to challenge Hogge this year.

This included past Nevada Modified and California Late Model champion Robert Miller, two time reigning Cottage Grove champion Curtis Towns, recent Roger Haudenshild Tribute and John Arnberg Memorial winner Nick Trenchard, Susanville and Quincy stars Chris Nieman, Chase Nieman, Jeff Olschowka, Larry McCracken and Matt Murphy, four time Antioch Speedway champion Troy Foulger, seven time Southern Oregon Speedway champion Mark Wauge, 2003 champion Jeremy Richey and this year's top title contenders, Albert Gill and Jesse Bailey.  That was just some of the talent in the field.  Car count went up slightly from last year's Labor Day weekend event.

The schedule for the weekend called for qualifying heat races on Saturday.  Each driver got two ten lap heat races that earned them passing and finishing points.  The Top 8 drivers made it into Sunday's Scramble to determine the first four rows of the big 50 lap Main Event.  The Top 16 would qualify for the Main Event.  Everybody else ran a B Main.  Saturday ended with an Invitational Main Event.  That race was a money race, but not for points for the weekend or for the track.  The Top 4 finishers in the first set of qualifying heat races earned the drivers a spot in the Invitational Main.

Sunday's race was also for IMCA points, which would effect the track championship battle.  Because of the  increase in the competition, the first goal for championship contenders Mark Wauge, Albert Gill and Jesse Bailey was to make the show.  Wauge had a great weekend.  He was one of the Top 8 qualifiers and finished third in the Invitational.  An engine fire in the Scramble might have ended things for Wauge, but he got it back together for the big show.  He finished a strong second to collect $2,500 and keep the pressure on Bailey and Gill.

Gill's Saturday was a mixed bag.  He made the Invitational and earned a Top 10 finish, but he didn't earn enough points to avoid a B Main on Sunday.  He was unable to get out of that race.  Bailey did make the Main Event.  Though his race ended in a disappointing 13th place finish, he earned enough points to make it very difficult for Gill to beat him in the season finale.  In fact, Gill has his hands full now holding off Wauge for second in the standings.  If Bailey had the same sort of weekend as Gill, Wauge would have put himself back in the championship hunt.

Meanwhile, Hogge entered the weekend as the driver to beat.  The Hogge team comes prepared everywhere they go, and when he won both of his heat races, it looked like business as usual for him.  The Invitational Main Event had a good battle between Foulger and Hogge.  Foulger moved the Bowers Racing Modified into the lead at one point before Hogge got back around.  Though he spun with broken steering to end his race, Foulger served notice to Hogge that he came to win the big race. 

On Sunday, Hogge won the Scramble to earn the pole for the big show.  This made Hogge 4 for 4.  All was going well until contact in Turn 2 sent Hogge spinning for a restart in the 50 lap race.  Hogge had to restart at the back of the pack, and he wasn't seen in the Top 10 until lap 28.  Foulger had just moved in to the lead at that point.  When Wauge moved into second, he ran with Foulger, but he was unable to make a move.  Hogge made an impressive late charge, but he could only get to third before the checkered flag fell.  Third was probably a bit of a disappointment for Hogge, but it was still a nice drive from 22nd starting.  Combined with his $1,000 Saturday win, Hogge got $2,500 for the weekend, while Wauge's second was worth $2,500.  Foulger happily took home the $5,000 prize.

Throughout the first half of the race, 2003 champion Jeremy Richey led the way.  Richey finished second in Saturday's Invitational, and he was looking like a serious threat on Sunday.  Though he slipped back a couple of spots, he still finished a respectable $1,000 fourth after Hogge's late pass.  Counting his Invitational Feature earnings and Sunday's lap money, Richey still pocketed about $1,750 for the weekend.  Richey finished ahead of Nick Trenchard.  Trenchard has won some big races this year, including the Roger Haudenshild Tribute, Yreka's Speedweek and John Arnberg Memorial races and the Shipwreck Nationals in Elma, Washington.

Robert Miller has had an impressive career as a Stock Car champion in the 1980's and early 1990's in California, and he's won over 100 IMCA Modified Main Events and multiple championships in Nevada.  He ran a respectable sixth on Sunday ahead of this year's Speedweek champion, Jesse Williamson.  Just being in the Top 10 in a field like this is impressive, and two Antioch, California competitors, Chester Kniss and Anthony Slaney, were the next two finishers.  Both won a heat race on Sunday.  Preston Jones had a Top 5 run going intuit he spun.  He rounded out the Top 10 in tenth.  He had a respectable showing on Saturday as well with a heat win and ninth in the Invitational.

Darrell Hughes II is in the midst of a Top 5 season at Merced Speedway this year, but he has run strong in his appearances at Southern Oregon Speedway.  He had a decent start to his weekend with a heat win on Saturday and an eighth in the Invitational, but his Sunday Main Event ended early.  Jeff Olschowka is one of the stars in Quincy and Susanville, and he won a Saturday heat race before finishing a respectable fifth in the Invitational.  Unfortunately, he didn't make it out of his Sunday B Main.  Cottage Grove championship contender Jake Mayden was in a B Main, but he won that race.  He took great delight in receiving a B Main winner's trophy, though his Main Event ended in disappointment.  He finished sixth in the Invitational.

Chase Nieman collected a B Main trophy as well after beating Curtis Towns for a 15 lap win.  Towns hasn't been chasing points this year, but he is the two time reigning champion at Cottage Grove.  In 2015, Towns won both the Late Model and IMCA Modified championships at Cottage Grove.  He finished 11th on Sunday.  Two track regulars managed to make it out of the B Main.  Ray Kniffen Jr. is in a battle to hold on to a career best Top 5 point effort, and he knew he needed a Main Event start to keep that going.  Rookie Jantzen Knips continues to look good as he also made it out of a B Main.

The IMCA Sport Modifieds had a track record 31 cars during the weekend.  Two time champion Jorddon Braaten came into the weekend as one of the drivers to beat.  There was also the red hot Rich McCoy.  McCoy was hoping to use the increased car count to move up on Mike Medel and Willie McFall in the championship battle.  Both Braaten and McCoy won two heat races on Saturday, but McCoy's Invitational Main Event ended early.  Braaten was impressive as he won ahead of Justin McCreadie and Quincy, California star Craig Nieman.

Braaten looked like the driver to beat in Sunday's $1,350 to win race, but McCoy wasn't quite done yet.  McCoy drove the "Lightning McQueen" #95 car to a win in the Scramble and led the first half of the big 30 lap feature.  However, Braaten was hooked up on the outside groove and would race past McCoy for the victory.  McCoy's race ended a few laps after losing the lead.  For Braaten, this was one of his biggest wins, and he's planning to make a run at the big win later this year in Las Vegas.

McFall wasn't as fortunate.  Disappointing heat race finishes left McFall in the 20 lap B Main.  While battling for a transfer spot, McFall spun to avoid taking out another car.  Three Yreka competitors made it for Sunday's race and earned transfer spots.  Randy Wright followed his second in Yreka a night earlier with a second in the B Main, followed by Isaac Sanders and Cory Biggs.  The B Main was won by Keith Brown Jr.  All McFall could do was chase Biggs, and that left him out of the big Main Event.  Unfortunately, his championship hopes took a hit as Mike Medel got a fifth place feature finish on Sunday.  As long as Medel has no major slip ups in the finale, he will win his second straight championship.

While Braaten was winning the big Main Event, the battle for second saw Marysville, California competitor Alan Furuta make a last turn pass on Oregon State point leader Jayson Nelson to finish a $700 second.  Nelson collected $500 for third.  It was a nice comeback for Furuta, who spun earlier in the race.  Biggs, meanwhile, came from last starting to finish fourth in the feature, making him the "Hard Charger" of the race.  Not bad for only showing up on Sunday.  Marysville and Chico champion Phillip Shelby was hoping to make a similar charge, but unfortunately he fell out of the B Main early.

2016 "Rookie Of The Year" David Marble had his car at the track with two time Late Model Lites champion  Brian Johnsen behind the wheel.  Like Braaten and McCoy, Johnsen won both of his heat races, and he also finished fourth in the Invitational Main.  Unfortunately, Johnsen's Main Event ended early.  McCreadie ended up sixth in the big show.  Furuta and Jimmy Ford's teammate Mike Merritt finished seventh ahead of Travis Pruitt, Jesse Merriman and McCoy.  Pruitt has been a big supporter of Steve Kerstulovich's effort to build up the Pacific Sport Mod Series, which will crown a champion again this year.  Merriman emerged from the weekend with a good hold on fourth in the standings, and McCoy and McFall will likely be battling for second in the September 16th finale.

The SODCA Dwarf Cars offered up a $1,000 prize in each of the weekend's Main Events, but there was little support from Oregon's other two Dwarf Car groups.  Most of the stars of SODCA were on hand, and both races were entertaining.  Kalvin Morton was impressive both nights.  Morton might have won the Saturday race, but his car lost power while leading late on Saturday, and he and Camden Robustelli tangled coming out of Turn 2.  This opened the door for two time champion Josh King to race past championship contender Chad Cardoza to win the Saturday feature.  Coming off of his big win at Willamette, Robustelli won his heat race and the A Dash before settling for third in the Main Event.

Brock Peters struggled all weekend, but he continues to lead the standings by 11 over Cardoza.  Barring a major mistep, Peters seems headed for his second straight championship.  Meanwhile, Randy Slater picked up a fourth place finish on Sunday, while Ryan Smith was fourth on Saturday.  Smith leads Slater by ten points in the battle for third.  Slater got a good view of the battle in front of him on Sunday.  Morton was back and battling for the win once again.  It seems like every time Morton is on the verge of victory at his home track, something happens to derail his effort.  The Fourth Of July race last year is a prime example of that.  Morton was lapping a slower car exiting the final turn on his way to a sure victory when he made contact and flipped.

This time, Morton led several laps, and then C Dash winner Mason Lewman moved by.  Morton stayed with him, and the two made contact in Turn 3 of the final lap.  Lewman recovered first, while King got a run on both of them.  Lewman led King and Morton back to the flag in a close finish.  Visitor Doug McVae earned a respectable fifth place finish on Sunday, while a fifth place finish ahead of Fred Hay was the best B. Peters could do for the weekend on Saturday.  Son Cody Peters blew a motor on Saturday, which was not the birthday present he was looking for.  C. Peters is ten points behind Hay in the battle for fourth.  It's been an exciting season for the SODCA Dwarf Car group, and they will close their season on Championship Night #2 on September 16th.

Kendall Oil Sprint Car Season Finale This Saturday 
At Southern Oregon Speedway

White City, Oregon...The 2017 Kendall Oil Winged Sprint Car season is coming to a close this Saturday night at Southern Oregon Speedway.  It would have to be considered a successful season in the track's effort to establish a Sprint Car presence.  Kyler Barraza was head and shoulders above the competition this season.  The two time Southern Oregon Sprint Tour champion won three races this year and had seven Top 3 finishes in eight starts, clinching himself the championship with one race to go.  As it turns out, that is a good thing.  Barraza won't be racing this week.

On August 26th, the track hosted the big Cascade Wingless Sprint Car Challenge Race, presented by Herz Precision Parts.  Barraza had a fast car all night, but his fortune changed quickly when he was involved in a back stretch crash on lap 17.  He managed to make it back for the restart, but a steering component broke on the back stretch, sending him flipping on the back stretch wall.  The car caught fire.  Barraza escaped with a few burns, but he will take some time to regroup.  The Barraza team has offered their motor to 2009 champion Charlie Thompson for the season finale.

The battle will be for second between David Hibbard, rookie Merissa Henson and Bailey Hibbard.  The Hibbard family has been instrumental in helping build up car count this season.  David was searching for his first win.  He had three second place finishes, but his win finally came at the most recent point race.  This put him 12 points ahead of Henson, who held off B. Hibbard for a fourth place finish that night.  B. Hibbard is a two time winner this season, but his luck hasn't been so good in the past few races.  Bailey only trails Henson by eight points and his father by 20 points.

Camden Robustelli may be the driver to watch in the quest for a new feature winner.  Robustelli finished a strong second last time out and had a third earlier this season.  Camden is a star with the SODCA Dwarf car group and recently won a $1,200 to win race at Willamette Speedway.  He does have two Sprint Car wins at Cottage Grove, but he would love to get a win at his home track.  He's just one of the rising young stars in the Medford Sprint Car scene.

Two others to watch for this week are Enrique Jaime and Tanner Holmes.  Jaime is having a solid rookie season in fifth this year.  Holmes has two starts and made his debut with a fifth place finish.  Holmes has had an impressive career in Outlaw Karts, and he's definitely a Sprint Car star in the making.  David Johnson, Calvin Hibbard and 1997 Cottage Grove champion Hedge Carter are three others anticipated this week.

Saturday night's Kendall Oil Winged Sprint Car season finale should be a good show.  There have been five different winners in eight races.  The competition is competitive and close.  For further information, go to

Southern Oregon Speedway
Kendall Oil Sprint Cars

Kyler Barraza         267
David Hibbard         216
Merissa Henson         204
Bailey Hibbard         196
Enrique Jaime         156
Camden Robustelli     112
Calvin Hibbard         105
Hedge Carter        84
Jake Wheeler        68
Tanner Holmes        45

September 9

Sprint Car Champions
1996  Dan Menne
1997  Bill Nutter
1998  Dan Menne
2001  Chad Bauer
2002  Todd Zeitler
2003  Dan Menne
2004  T.J. Winningham
2005  Dan Menne
2006  Bill Nutter
2007  Randy Rodgers
2008  Randy Rodgers
2009  Charlie Thompson
2010  Chadd Noland
2013  Kyler Barraza *
2014  Kyler Barraza *
2016  Jake Wheeler

* Southern Oregon Sprint Tour

Previous Winners
May 4, 2013:  David Hibbard
May 18, 2013:  David Hibbard
May 25, 2013:  Kyler Barraza
June 8, 2013:  Vern Wheeler Jr.
June 22, 2013:  Kyler Barraza
July 1, 2013:  Roger Crockett
July 27, 2013:  Vern Wheeler Jr.
August 24, 2013:  Lawrence Van Hoof
September 14, 2013:  Matt Moberly
May 22, 2014:  Andy Forsberg
June 14, 2014:  Kyler Barraza
June 30, 2014:  Rico Abreu
August 2, 2014:  David Hibbard
April 18, 2015:  Seth Nunes
May 23, 2015:  Roger Crockett
June 29, 2015:  Colby Copeland
August 15, 2015:  Kyle Hirst
April 30, 2016:  Vern Wheeler Jr.
May 7, 2016:  Vern Wheeler Jr.
June 4, 2016:  Jake Wheeler
June 25, 2016:  David Hibbard
July 9, 2016:  Trey Starks
August 27, 2016:  Aaron Miller
September 10, 2016:  Bailey Hibbard
September 24, 2016:  Jeffrey Hudson
May 20, 2017:  Jake Waddell
May 27, 2017:  Kyler Barraza
June 17, 2017:  Bailey Hibbard
July 1, 2017:  Kyler Barraza
July 8, 2017:  Bailey Hibbard
July 22, 2017:  Kyler Barraza
August 5, 2017:  Jake Wheeler
August 19, 22017:  David Hibbard