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Hibbard, Fettinger Win At Southern Oregon Speedway, Lenz, Lipke Win At Siskiyou Speedway, More

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Hibbard Gets Second Kendall Oil Winged Sprint Car Feature Win At Southern Oregon Speedway

White City, Oregon...June 16...David Hibbard collected the victory in the 25 lap Kendall Oil Winged Sprint Car Main Event Saturday night at Southern Oregon Speedway. Hibbard was running along in second when misfortune struck leader Kyler Barraza, handing the lead to Hibbard. This was the second win of the season for Hibbard aboard his Dave's Carpet & Vinyl Liquidators Sprinter, and it enabled him to increase his lead in the standings by a few more points.

The field increased to 20 cars with the addition of several visitors, and this was the biggest car count the track had seen for a regular Sprint Car point race in many years. Championship contender Jeffrey Hudson won the first of three eight lap heat races ahead of Bailey Hibbard. Barraza outran David Hibbard to win the second heat, and rookie AJ Harbaugh held off Theron Smith to win the third heat. The Top 2 finishers in each heat ran the six lap Scramble race to determine the front three rows for the Main Event, and Barraza picked up the win in that race ahead of David Hibbard.

David Hibbard charged into the lead at the start of the Main Event, followed by Barraza and Bailey Hibbard. A red flag flew on lap two when Tyrell Mead and another competitor made contact on the backstretch, sending Mead cartwheeling several times. He was not injured, but his race was over. David Hibbard continued to lead Barraza and Bailey Hibbard on the restart and through a pair of yellow flags. However, Barraza made a move into the lead on lap 7. Just a few laps later, Barraza was working slower traffic before Bailey Hibbard spun in Turn 2 for a yellow flag on lap 10. Barraza continued to lead David Hibbard and Hudson on the restart. Just a few laps later, Barraza was again working slower traffic when misfortune struck. Attempting to pass Steve Thompson on the outside as Thompson turned to the Turn 1 exit to pit resulted in Barraza flipping in Turn 1 to end his race. Suddenly, David Hibbard found himself leading Hudson and Enrique Jaime on the restart. One last yellow flag flew on lap 22 for Tanner Holmes. This didn't stop David Hibbard as he led the final two laps to score the victory. Hudson was a season-best second, followed by Jaime, Kinzer Cox, Hedge Carter, Justin Walker, Charlie Thompson, Aaron Miller and Todd Whipple.

The Kendall Oil Winged Sprint Cars return on June 30th as part of the Veteran's Night event, which will also include Late Models, Bobbio's Pizza Mini Stocks, JOAT Labs Hornets, OTRO Hardtops, Southern Oregon Dwarf Cars and a Silva's Painting Destruction Derby. For further information, go to

Race Results
Kendall Oil Winged Sprint Cars

Heat 1-Jeffrey Hudson, Bailey Hibbard, Enrique Jaime, Aaron Miller, Kinzer Cox, Blaine Cory, Justin Walker.

Heat 2-Kyler Barraza, David Hibbard, Stephen Snawder, Steve Thompson, Charlie Thompson, Tyrrell Mead, Tanner Holmes.

Heat 3-AJ Harbaugh, Theron Smith, Todd Whipple, Hedge Carter, Calvin Hibbar, #71r.

Scramble-Kyler Barraza, David Hibbard, AJ Harbaugh, Bailey Hibbard, Jeffrey Hudson, Theron Smith.

Main Event-David Hibbard, Jeffrey Hudson, Enrique Jaime, Kinzer Cox, Hedge Carter, Justin Walker, Charlie Thompson, Aaron Miller, Todd Whipple, #71r, Bailey Hibbard, AJ Harbaugh, Tanner Holmes, Steven Snawder, Blaine Cory, Steve Thompson, Kyler Barraza, Theron Smith, Tyrell Mead, Calvin Hibbard NS.

Fettinger Rebounds From Crash To Win IMCA Modified Feature At Southern Oregon Speedway

White City, Oregon...June 16...Making a nice comeback from an early race crash, Zack Fettinger scored the 25 lap IMCA Modified Main Event victory Saturday night at Southern Oregon Speedway. Fettinger held off CJ Putnam down the stretch for what would be his first win of the season.

The race had to be restarted after Roger Haudenshild Tribute winner Nick Trenchard hit the front wall and slowed with a flat tire. Andy Freeman led the restart, followed by Fettinger and CJ Putnam. Mark Wauge was making a charge from further back in the pack and settled into fourth on lap two. An inside pass in Turn 2 of the fourth lap gain Wauge third as he ran closely behind Fettinger. The leaders came up to lap Chris Silva on lap eight as they went down the front straightaway. Freeman made it past him, but Silva veered into the path of Wauge and Fettinger, resulting in a crash for a yellow flag. Wauge suffered enough damage to end his race, and Fettinger made a pit stop but was able to rejoin the back of the pack for the restart. Freeman led the pack to the green flag, but an inside pass in Turn 4 of that lap gained Jansen Knips the lead. This began a side-by-side battle between Knips and Freeman for the next few laps before Knips made the outside pass in Turn 4 of the eighth lap to claim the lead. Fettinger made an inside pass on Freeman for second in Turn 3 a lap later. As they went down the backstretch on lap 10, Fettinger made an inside pass to take the lead from Knips with Putnam following closely into second. A yellow flag for debris in Turn 4 forced the final slow down moments later. Fettinger continued to lead Putnam and Knips on the restart as Albert Gill settled into fourth. Gill moved past Knips for third on lap 13. Despite pressure from Putnam, Fettinger kept his cool and brought it home to a well-earned victory. Putnam settled for second, followed by Gill, Andy Freeman, Knips, David Satterfield, Brett Provost, Bo Shields, Jeremy Ohlde and Silva.

The 14 car field ran two eight lap heat races with wins going to Trenchard and Fettinger. Gill picked up four lap Trophy Dash honors. The IMCA Modifieds are back on Saturday night for the second leg of the IMCA Modified Wild West Speedweek Tour. For further information, go to

IMCA Modifieds
Heat 1-Nick Trenchard, Mark Wauge, Jeremy Ohlde, David Satterfield, Brett Provost, Bo Shields, Shane Everson.

Heat 2-Zach Fettinger, CJ Putnam, Andy Freeman, Albert Gill, Jantzen Knips, Tim Bailey, Chris Silva.

Trophy Dash-Albert Gill, Nick Trenchard, Zach Fettinger.

Main Event-Zach Fettinger, CJ Putnam, Albert Gill, Andy Freeman, Jantzen Knips, David Satterfield, Brett Provost, Bo Shields, Jeremy Ohlde, Chris Silva, Mark Wauge, Nick Trenchard, Tim Bailey NS, Shane Everson NS.

Possinger Goes Flag To Flag For IMCA Sport Modified Win 
At Southern Oregon Speedway

White City, Oregon...June 16...Braxton Possinger scored the victory in the 20 lap IMCA Sport Modified Main Event Saturday night at Southern Oregon Speedway. He took advantage of his pole position start to lead every lap as he drove a flawless race. Possinger came within a straightaway of picking up the win the previous week at Siskiyou Motor Speedway, where he settled for second.

Possinger charged into the lead at the start ahead of Jesse Merriman and Tony Duste. Contact in the battle for second saw Duste make the pass in Turn 4 on lap four, and Justin McCreadie gained third a lap later. A lap six caution flag flew for David Marble and Brandon Wilson in Turn 3. Possinger continued to lead Duste and McCreadie on the restart, and a caution flag flew for Brian Knorr on lap eight. A series of caution flags during the next few laps didn't deter Possinger as he continued to lead, and McCreadie gained second on the lap 11 restart. The leaders hit heavy traffic in the waning laps, and a slower car got into the path of McCreadie, allowing Marble to make a last lap pass for second as Possinger brought it home to victory. McCoy crossed the line in third, followed by Jesse Merriman, Willie McFall, Tony Bartell, Billy Richey, Duste, McCreadie and Knorr.

McCoy and McCreadie picked up wins in the eight lap heat races as there were 13 competitors on hand. However, Josh Kralicek once again scratched before heat races and Steve's Lysinger scratched after the heat races. McFall picked up the four lap Trophy Dash win. The IMCA Sport Modifieds will be a support division for this Saturday night's IMCA Modified Wild West Speedweek Tour visit. For further information, go to

Race Results
IMCA Sport Modifieds
Heat 1-Rich McCoy, Willie McFall, Tony Duste, David Marble, Braxton Possinger, Brian Knorr, Billy Richey.

Heat 2-Justin McCreadie, Brandon Wilson, Jesse Merriman, Tony Bartell, Steve Lysinger.

Trophy Dash-Willie McFall, Justin McCreadie, Brandon Wilson, David Marble.

Main Event-Braxton Possinger, David Marble, Rich McCoy, Jesse Merriman, Willie McFall, Tony Bartell, Billy Richey, Tony Duste, Justin McCreadie, Brian Knorr, Brandon Wilson, Steve Lysinger NS, Josh Kralicek NS.

Steele Wins Third Bobbio's Pizza Mini Stock Feature 
At Southern Oregon Speedway

White City, Oregon...June 16...David Steele continued his bid for the Bobbio's Pizza Mini Stock championship by winning his third 15 lap Main Event. Steele had the lead from the start and stayed smooth to hold off Hunter Magnan in a good race.

After Magnan impressed with his first four Trophy Dash win ahead of Garrett Frederickson, Steele grabbed the pole position for the feature with his eight lap heat race triumph. Steele charged into the lead at the start of the Main Event, followed closely by Magnan. Reigning champion Kristopher Mix took a green flag and pitted with mechanical issues. A lap two caution flag waved for rookie Ashtin Hedges and Fredrickson. Steele continued to lead Magnan and Steve Goetz on the restart as the rest of the 15 lap race would go nonstop. Hedges was battling Michael McLeod for the fourth position before making the pass on lap 13. There was no stopping Steele as he held off Magnan for the hard-fought win. Goetz settled for third, followed by Hedges, McLeod, Fredrikson and Mix

Bobbio's Pizza Mini Stocks return as part of a loaded Veteran's Night program on June 30th. Also on the card will be the Kendall Oil Winged Sprint Cars, Late Models, JOAT Labs Hornets, OTRO Hardtops, Southern Oregon Dwarf Cars and a Silva's Painting Destruction Derby. For further information, go to

Race Results
Bobbio's Pizza Mini Stocks
Heat 1-David Steele, Kristopher Mix, Hunter Magnan, Steve Goetz, Ashtin Hedges, Michael McLeod, Garrett Frederickson.

Trophy Dash-Hunter Magnan, David Steele, Garrett Frederickson,
Kristopher Mix.

Main Event-David Steele, Hunter Magnan, Steve Goetz, Ashtin Hedges, Michael McLeod, Garrett Frederickson, Kristopher Mix.

Arnold Sweeps To Become Third Valley Stor-All Late Model Lites Feature Winner At Southern Oregon Speedway

White City, Oregon...June 16...Keeping his championship bid going strong, Greg Arnold wrapped up a clean sweep effort with his win in the 15 lap Valley Stor-All Late Model Lites Main Event. Arnold is the 2002 Super Truck champion at the speedway, and he changed his number to 39 in honor of his friend, Tim Law, who passed away during the off-season.

Arnold gave a glimpse of things to come when he made a last turn pass on championship rival Charlie Eaton to win the four lap Trophy Dash. He followed that up with his win in the eight lap heat race. This put Arnold on the pole for the Main Event, and he jumped out to the early lead over reigning champion Bob Burkett. Burkett was back for his first start of the season. Eaton made it a close three-car battle up front, but by the mid race mark, Arnold was pulling ahead just a little bit, leaving Burkett and Eaton to battle for second. Terry Hadley was battling wife Krista Hadley for the fourth position, and he made an inside pass down the backstretch on the final lap to gain the position. Arnold brought it home a happy winner, followed by Burkett, Eaton, Terry Hadley, Krista Hadley and Dusty Aos.

The Valley Stor-All Late Model Lites return on June 7th as part of a big lineup that will also include the Kendall Oil Winged Sprint Cars, IMCA Modifieds, IMCA Sport Modifieds and Southern Oregon Dwarf Cars. For further information, go to

Race Results
Valley Stor-All Late Model Lites
Heat-Greg Arnold, Charlie Eaton, Bob Burkett, Krista Hadley, Dusty Aos, Terry Hadley.

Trophy Dash-Greg Arnold, Charlie Eaton, Dusty Aos.

Main Event-Greg Arnold, Bob Burkett, Charlie Eaton, Terry Hanley, Krista Hadley, Dusty Aos.

Bill Trotter Wins First Southern Oregon Speedway 
OTRO Hardtop Feature

White City, Oregon...June 16...Bill Trotter scored the victory in the 15 lap OTRO Hardtops Main Event Saturday night at Southern Oregon Speedway. This was his first win at the speedway, though his car was driven to victory back in 2016 by Mark Minter.

Bill Trotter also won the eight lap heat race, while Jay Smith picked up his second four lap Trophy Dash win. Bill Trotter raced into the early lead ahead of his son and previous feature winner, Dusty Trotter. Dean Cast ran third on the opening lap before falling back two positions behind Minter and Justin Krossman. Smith began to make his charge, passing both Minter and Krossman for the third position on lap seven. An inside pass in Turn 4 of the ninth lap gained Smith the second position. The truck that Smith drives is also owned by Bill Trotter, and he closed in on Trotter to challenge him for the lead on lap 12. Krossman pitted at that point, and Bill Trotter would keep his cool for the victory. Smith was a close second, followed by Dusty Trotter, Minter, Cast and Chris Mehrer.

The OTRO Hardtops return to Southern Oregon Speedway as part of the big Veteran's Night program on June 30th. The loaded card also includes the Kendall Oil Winged Sprint Cars, Late Models, Bobbio's Pizza Mini Stocks, JOAT Labs Hornets, Southern Oregon Dwarf Cars and a Silva's Painting Destruction Derby. For further information, go to

Race Results
OTRO Hardtops
Heat-Bill Trotter, Mark Minter, Dusty Trotter, Jay Smith, Justin Krossman, Dean Cast, Chris Mehrer.

Trophy Dash-Jay Smith, Dusty Trotter, Mark Minter, Justin Krossman.

Main Event-Bill Trotter, Jay Smith, Dusty Trotter, Mark Minter, Dean Cast, Chris Mehrer, Justin Krossman.

Lenz, Lipke, Yawnick Score Siskiyou Speedway Wins

Yreka, CA...June 16...Dr. Scott Lenz won the 30 lap Calculated Comfort Outlaw Pro Stock Main Event Saturday night at Siskiyou Speedway. Lenz is the reigning association champion and took over the point lead after his win in this race. It was also a clean sweep performance as Lenz won his eight lap heat race and the four lap Trophy Dash earlier in the evening.

Lenz took the lead from James Flowers on lap three. Once he got the lead, he managed to build up a straight away advantage by the checkered flag. Scott Flowers took the second position from his son James on lap seven and ran a steady pace to finish there. Johnny Cobb managed to make the move into third as James Flowers settled for fourth ahead of Matt Harlow, John David Duffie, Roy Bain, Dave Smith, Ryan Smith and Julia Flowers. Cobb won the other heat race.

2016 IMCA Sport Modified champion Jimmy Lipke became the seventh different 20 lap feature winner in as many races. Lipke won his eight lap heat race earlier in the evening. Only point leader Trevor Tiffee kept it close down the stretch, but he settled for second behind the flying Lipke. Randy Wright was a solid third ahead of rookie Ethan Killingsworth, Gary Foster, Ryder Boswell, Donovan Rogers and Keith Brown Jr. Brown scored the four lap Trophy Dash win before retiring early in the Main Event. Boswell was the other heat race winner.

Two time reigning Mini Stock champion Marilyn Yawnick continues to run strong as she collected her third 20 Main Event win. It capped a clean sweep effort as she won her eight lap heat race and the four lap Trophy Dash. The man giving her the most pressure all night with seconds in all three races was 2014 champion Mike Whitaker. Terry Kendrick was a bit further back in third as Zac McMurray and Jason Frost rounded out the Top 5.

Dan Thomas wrote his name into the record books as the first Outlaw Open Comp feature winner ahead of John David Duffie.

Friday night will see the return of the IMCA Wild West Speedweek Series for the IMCA Modifieds. Joining them on the card will be the IMCA Sport Modifieds. For further information, go to

Hirst Wins David Tarter Memorial At Silver Dollar Speedway

Chico, CA...June 15...Kyle Hirst scored the impressive victory in the 35 lap Winged 360 Sprint Car Main Event Friday night at Silver Dollar Speedway. It was the David Tarter Memorial Race, and the win paid Hirst $3,500. Hirst is the current King Of The West Sprint Car Series point leader. Willie Croft set the early Main Event pace ahead of Sean Becker and point leader Andy Forsberg. Hirst slipped past Forsberg for third on lap 13, and a lap 14 red flag flew when Cody Hodgson and Croft crashed in Turn 1. Becker brought out a yellow flag on the restart, and Hirst led Forsberg and Colby Copeland on the next restart. Copeland took second from Forsberg on lap 23 and took up pursuit of Hirst. Despite two late race mishaps that resulted in a yellow and then a red flag, Hirst would not be denied the big victory. Copeland settled for second ahead of Forsberg, Ryan Robinson, Michael "Buddy" Kofoid, Becker, Mason Moore, Michael Ing, Jake Wheeler and Kenny Allen.

Kyle Larson Racing sponsored a $500 award to the driver with the fast time. There were 23 competitors, and Croft set the standard at 12.136, just beating the 12.185 of Copeland for the fast time. Eight lap heat races were won by Mitchell Faccinto, Forsberg, Steven Ingraham and Kalib Henry. Kofoid won the 10 lap B Main ahead of Moore and Brad Bumgarner.

Brian Cooper scored victory in the 20 lap IMCA Sport Modified Main Event. Mini Stock graduate Hunter Merritt raced into to the early lead ahead of past Crate Sprint champion Mike Ficklin and reigning Street Stock champion Phil Marino. A caution flag flew on lap six, but Merritt continued to lead the way until another caution flag waved on the eighth lap. Marino charged past Merritt for the lead on the restart with Cooper now holding third. Cooper put the moves on Merritt for second on lap 11 and set his sights on Marino. Cooper made his winning pass on lap 16 and led the remainder of the race for the satisfying victory. Marino settled for second, and point leader Andrew Peckham passed Hunter Merritt on the final lap for third. Mike Merritt round out the Top 5 ahead of Ficklin, Austin Manzella, Jimmy Lipke, Clinton Earl and Austin Williams. The two eight lap heat race victories were earned by Marino and Cooper.

Matt Micheli scored the victory in the 20 lap Street Stock Main Event. Point leader Corey Hall set the early pace ahead of Devon Koranda, who was subbing in the Clinton Earl car. A lap 11 caution flag flew for Koranda in Turn 4. Hall made a pit stop, putting Micheli into the lead. Micheli led Richard Workman on the restart, and they ran 1-2 to the checkered flag. Leif Berglund finished third, followed by Koranda, Hall, Fritz Zanker and Gary Newman. Kuranda won the eight lap heat race.

Casey McClain picked up the win in the 15 lap Wingless Spec Sprint Main Event. Only three drivers managed to stay on the lead lap as McLain won, not too far ahead of Brett Youngman. Brian Grossenheider was a solid third. Point leader Tony Richards settled for fourth ahead of Braeden Enos, Rick Gutzke, Trey Walters, Justin Funkhouser and Kelly Hicks. Championship hopeful Ron LaPlant was a Main Event scratch. Six lap heat races were won by Richards and McLain.

Racing takes a one week break before coming back on June 29th with a show headlined by the Winged 360 Sprint Cars. Also on the card will be the Wingless Spec Sprints, IMCA Sport Modifieds and Street Stocks. For further information, go to

Silver Dollar Speedway Unofficial Race Results June 16, 2018
360 Sprints
A Main
Kyle Hirst
Colby Copeland
Andy Forsberg
Ryan Robinson
Michael Kofoid
Sean Becker
Mason Moore
Michael Ing
Jake Wheeler
Kenny Allen
Chelsea Blevins
Billy Wallace
Kalib Henry
Mitchell Faccinto
Brad Bumgarner
Stephen Ingraham
Willie Croft
Cody Hodgson
Justyn Cox
Korey Lovell

B Main
Michael Kofoid
Mason Moore
Brad Bumgarner
Korey Lovell
Jeremy Wilson

Wingless Spec Sprints
Casey McClain
Brett Youngman
Brian Grosenheider
Tony Richards
Braedon Enos
Rick Gutzke
Trey Walters
Justin Funkhouser
Kelly Hicks

IMCA Sport Mods
Brian Cooper
Phill Marino
Andrew Peckham
Hunter Merritt
Mike Merritt
Mike Ficklin
Austin Manzella
Jimmy Lipke
Clinton Earl
Austin Williams
Matt Micheli
Jimmy Ford
Scott Savell
Damian Merritt
Kiely Ricardo
Tyler Rodgers

Street Stocks 
Matt Micheli
Richard Workman
Leif Berglund
Devin Koranda
Corey Hall
Fritz Zanker
Gary Newman

Marysville Raceway Unofficial Race Results June 16, 2018
360 Sprints
Jake Haulot
Jeremy Hawes
Billy Wallace
Korey Lovell
Rowdy McClenon
Brent Bjork
Jimmy Steward
Mike Monahan
Bobby Butler
Kenny Allen
Pat Harvey Jr.
Bruce Morrow
John Clark
Stephen Ingraham
Alec Justeson

Crate Sprints
Darren Johnson
Jaylon Deas
Jeff Macedo
Cameron Haney
Mike Sayre
Cameron Haney Jr.
Chad Thompson
Jerry Douglas

IMCA Sport Mods
Jimmy Ford
Howard Law
Damian Merritt
Hunter Merritt
Austin Manzella
Jerry Bartlett
Todd Copper
Kiely Ricardo
Andrew Peckham 
Mike Merritt
Todd Carlock
Scott Savell
Austin Williams

Super Stocks
Rod Oliver
Chris Warner
Richard Vanderploeg
Dennis Wood
Tyler Lightfoot 

Hobby Stocks
Brian Compton
Kyle Cheney
Shannon Collins
Jeremiah Creedon
Wes Fysh
Sebastian Davis
Jacob Johnson
Will Harmon
Mel Byers

All American Speedway Unofficial Race Results June 16, 2016
Late Model
Matt Erickson
Cole Moore
John Moore
Kayla Eshelman
Logan Zampa
Kyle Gottula
Travis Milburn
Cameron Legue
James Vermillion
Shane Butler
Brandon Jones
Bob Nessel
Dave Campbell
Jason Romero

Limited Modified
Cory Englehardt
Nick Lyons
Josh Blackwood
Austin Wentworh
Tyler Wentworth
Niles Streever
Dale Didoha
Don Shalla
John Yound
Ralph Bailey

Super Stock A and B
Andrew Peeler
Chris Lambert
Byron Gonzales
John Kraintz
Gary Eisenhour
Tony Latimer
Wayne Hickok
James Shelton
Ericka Ray
Cody Rickard
Bill Clark
Josh Whitfield
Nathan Hickok
Nick Matthews

Rick Anable
Ray Molina
Mathew Fuhs
Tom Vucovich
Billy Rodriguez
Stanley Johnson
Jill Schmidt
Tony Vino

Jr. Late Model
Kayla Eshleman
Brodie Reidman
Cameron Legue

Mini Cup/Bandolero
Billy Ray
Jayce Mitchell
Dillion Krug
Sadie Krug

Douglas County Speedway Unofficial Race Results June 16, 2016
Dave Beals
Ron Johnson
Jeremy Simms
Pete Lemon
Cherish Wilson
Dylan Grichar
Roy Harvey
Tyler Organ
Jerry Pifher
Tom Durant
Jeremy Mayfield
Logan Barron
Bart Pulse

Street Stock/Modified
Tom Elam
John Harvey
Dale Roth
Jeff Solberg
Bill Stewart
Chris Lemon
Monique Scevers

Lakeport Speedway Unofficial Race Results June 16, 2018
Hillside Powersports Ladies Night
Results are not official
1     #6K Lauren Snider        
2     #83 Wade Coleman
3     #63 David Jones
4     #29 Evan Smith
5     #51 Trevor Abella
6     #14 Mike Sullivan

Limited Modifieds
Results are not official
1     #37 Charlie Collins        
2     #19 Shelby Helm
3     #04 Cole Brown
4     #89 Kevin Coburn
5     #88 Gene O'Dell Jr
6     #14 Michael Knight    
7     #15 Richard Knight        
8     #17 Tyler Shipley            

Pro 4 Modifieds
Results are not official
1     #29 Mike Peterson        
2     #8 Andy Leuzinger
3     #01 Jimmy Sorrels
4     #14 Johnny Barker
5     #87 Marty Lewis
6     #51 Jason Shaha        
7     #4 Wade Eldredge    

Results are not official
1     #88J Justin Moran        
2     #57K Kylei Keown
3     #23 Christian Sanchez
4     #20 Danny Helm Sr
5     #48 Michelle Odell

Results are not official
1     #44 Lane Anderson        
2     #5 Charles French
3     #01 TJ Sorrels    
4     #3 Trey Daniels    

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Southern Oregon Speedway Preview, Siskiyou Speedway Preview, California Hardtop Preview, More

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Sprint Cars, Modifieds Headline Six Division Show 
At Southern Oregon Speedway

White City, Oregon...Things are happening at Southern Oregon Speedway this season, and people are talking about it. Last week's Monster Truck Show was attended by the biggest crowd seen at the speedway in years despite the rains. More people are coming out to see what's happening this season. The fans will have another great show this week as the Kendall Oil Winged Sprint Cars are back along with the IMCA Modifieds, IMCA Sport Modifieds, Bobbio's Pizza Mini Stocks, Vally-Stor All Late Model Lites and OTRO Hardtops.

David Hibbard is off to a good start this season with a win and a second and has taken the early Sprint Car point lead. The Hibbard family had a nice showing at the most recent race as David's son Bailey won the Main Event and his father Calvin picked up his first ever heat race victory. David and Bailey present the biggest challenge for the competition. To get a win, you have to go through them.

However, Jeffrey Hudson is off to a good start with a pair of fourth place feature finishes. Jeffrey has been racing for years, starting at the Outlaw Kart track, and he won the 2015 Outlaw Pro Stock championship. He was Sprint Car Rookie Of The Year at Southern Oregon Speedway in 2016 as he won the final Main Event of the year. He's poised to get another win this week.

Word has it that there will be a few visitors coming in from Cottage Grove, and they will be facing stiff competition from the young drivers at Southern Oregon Speedway, including Merissa Henson, Enrique Jaime, Blaine Cory, Camden Robustelli and Tanner Homes. The Sprint Cars are sure to put on a great show.

After his big victory in the Roger Haudenshild Tribute Race, Nick Trenchard is the early season point leader in the IMCA Modifieds. Trenchard and seven-time champion Mark Wauge are the winners so far, but it appears as if Albert Gill is poised to be the next winner. The two-time champion finished a strong second last time out ahead of Dave Duste Jr. "Cowboy" Duane Orsburn has been looking good so far this year, and other drivers to watch for this week include reigning champion Jesse Bailey, Preston Jones, Bo Shields, Brett Provost and Zach Fettinger.

David Marble appears to be on a quest to win the IMCA Sport Modified championship this year. The 2015 Mini Stock champion won the season opener and leads the standings with reigning champion Mike Medel and Willie McFall in close pursuit. These three come in as the drivers to beat this week, but they can expect good competition from the likes of Danny Rule, Brandon Wilson, Tony Duste and Jesse Merriman.

To get a feature win in the Bobbio's Pizza Mini Stocks, you generally have to go through David Steele. Steele leads the standings with Hunter Magnan and reigning champion Kristopher Mix not too far behind. The competition level will rise this week with the return of 2013 champion Steve Goetz. Goetz had a hard crash a few weeks ago and has reclipped the front end his car. Other drivers to watch for include 2014 champion Gary Anderson, Garrett Frederiksen and rookie Michael McCleod.

The Valley Stor-All Late Model Lites are back this week. Eric Aos and point leader Charlie Eaton count themselves among the feature winners so far this year. Greg Arnold seems close to getting his first feature win since returning, and teen leadfoot Dusty Aos will be another driver to watch.

Those classic 1940s Coupe and Sedan bodied Hardtops of the Old Time Racers of Oregon will be back for their second appearance. Dusty Trotter picked up his first win on the dirt last time as he is fielding a new car. Coos Bay Speedway Street Stock champion Justin Crossman has the former Dusty Trotter car. He won a heat race with it last time. Joining these two in competition will be Dusty's father, Bill Trotter, Mark Minter, Jamie Britton and Jay Smith.

Saturday night will be filled with excitement from start to finish. Gates open at 5 p.m. with the first race scheduled to start at 7 p.m. General Admission is $12, Seniors, Veterans and Juniors 6 to 12 are $6 and children 5 and under are free. For further information, go to

Outlaw Pro Stocks Return To Siskiyou Motor Speedway

Yreka, CA...After a crowd pleasing IMCA Sport Modified Main Event last week, won by Matt Sanders, the action will be heating up even more this Saturday night at Siskiyou Motor Speedway. In addition to the IMCA Sport Modifieds and the Mini Stocks, the Calculated Comfort Outlaw Pro Stocks will be back for their third appearance of the season along with the first race for the Outlaw Open Comp class.

The Pro Stocks have actually lost a pair of races this year due to rains that hit the track after hot laps. Their last race was the Roger Haudenshild Tribute race in Medford, won by reigning series champion Dr. Scott Lenz. The three races for the group have been won by three different competitors as Mike Learn won the Billy Geyer Memorial Race and Steve Borror won the season opener.

Numbers are up this year as there were 18 drivers ready to go at the most recent rained out Yreka race and there were 17 competitors recently in Medford. Everybody was anticipating a battle between 2016 champion Borror and Lens, and they haven't been disappointed so far. Borror holds a two point advantage over Lenz as perennial championship contender Scott Flowers holds down third. Flowers is one of those drivers people expect to get a win at any time, but son James Flowers should not be counted out either. Other drivers to watch for this week include Matt Harlow, Bryan Hammond, Jeff Haudenshild, Johnny Cobb and Ginny Flowers.

The IMCA Sport Modified division is a wide-open battle as six drivers have won the six races so far. Matt Sanders figured he would be in line for some wins when he got his new car this year, and he was impressive in winning a crowd pleasing battle last week with Braxton Possinger. The driver looking strong early on through multiple yellow flags was championship hopeful Ryder Boswell. Unfortunately, Boswell had a flat tire on lap seven and fell back. Meanwhile, point leader Trevor Tiffee maintained his advantage with a seventh place feature finish.

Tiffee won the race before, but Boswell is still looking for his first feature victory at the speedway since his time in the Mini Stock division. Young Ethan Killingsworth finally made his first appearance last time, but mechanical issues sidelined him early. As he dials his car in, you can bet that he will be further up in the pack battling for wins. Other drivers to watch for this week include DJ Bottoms, Randy Wright, Doug Franklin and 2016 champion Jimmy Lipke.

Marilyn Yawnick is in the hunt for her unprecedented third straight Mini Stock championship. She didn't hurt her cause when she won her second feature of the season last week. 2014 champion Mike Whitaker had dash and heat race wins before his third place feature finish, while 2005 champion Terry Kendrick finished second. This means the championship battle is still close.

Though Yawnick, Kendrick and Whitaker may be the top drivers in the field, there is a group of hungry drivers looking to add their names to the winner's list. Dennis Jorgensen was a feature winner two years ago and hopes to get back there again this season. You also have Mike Frost, Jason Frost, Darek Alford, Zac McMurray, Heather Ryan and Tiffany Cobb to contend with. It should be another great show this week.

The Outlaw Open Comp division was added to give drivers who are concerned that their cars don't meet certain rules specifications a chance to go racing. Their two previous races were both rained out, but weather looks good for the coming weekend. It will be interesting to see who comes to race.

It's a great lineup of racing this Saturday night. With the Pro Stocks back in action, fans will be treated to one heck of a show. If that's not enough, there will be a race on Friday night at the Outlaw Kart track. For further information, go to

Herz Precision Parts Wingless Sprint Car Challenge Comes To Southern Oregon Speedway August 25th

White City, Oregon...After the success of the inaugural race last season, the Herz Precision Parts Cascade Wingless 360 Sprint Car Challenge is back at Southern Oregon Speedway. The event is scheduled for August 25th. Mark Herz will once again sponsor the big show.

This is a Wingless 360 Sprint Car race,  and last season saw 22 competitors from throughout Oregon and California come to race. It paid $3,000 to win last year and will pay $3,500 this time around.

It was Geoff Ensign putting on a driving clinic in scoring the big win last year. Geoff drives for Ted Finkenbinder, and Ted always brings a good car to any race he enters. Cody Fendley was a $1,500 second last year as Kyle Miller was a $1,000 third. Last year's race paid all Main Event starters $250 minimum.

Ensign and Finkenbinder are anticipated again this year. Young gun Ariel Biggs has announced that she will be competing. Two time Orland champion Bill Hopper, Lance Hallmark, Lindsey Barney, Kevin Pendergrass and Mark Herz are others who have expressed interest.

It's sure to be a show you won't want to miss. The race will have a good purse from top to bottom. More details with be forthcoming soon. For further information, go to

Kendall Oil Winged Sprint Cars Back 
At Southern Oregon Speedway

White City, Oregon...The Kendall Oil Winged Sprint Cars return for their third event of the season Saturday night at Southern Oregon Speedway. In the third season of the Sprint Car revival, car count is up. There were a dozen racers at each of the first two races, but car count is expected to be bigger this week.

At the top of the point list, you'll find David Hibbard leading son Bailey Hubbard. The duo has each won a race so far this year, and it was Bailey outrunning his father to get the most recent win. That night was special for the family. Prior to Bailey earning a Main Event pole with his win in the six lap Scramble, David's 61 year old father Calvin got his first ever heat race win. Calvin won that race ahead of David and Bailey.

A close third in the standings is second generation racer Jeffrey Hudson. Hudson is a past champion on the Outlaw Kart circuit, and he won the 2015 Outlaw Pro Stock championship. He was 15 years old at the time. Sprint Car racing was always the goal for Hudson, and he joined the division in 2016. He earned top rookie honors and won the point season finale.

Hopes were high last season, but Hudson blew a motor in the season opener. He returned to the Pro Stocks while a new motor was being built for the Sprinter. He won several Main Events en route to second in the standings. 

He's back and looking good in the Spring Car this season. Jeffrey had a pair of fourth place finishes. Last time out, he enjoyed a good battle with Merissa Henson as Henson settled for fifth. Henson was an impressive second in the standings last season as the top rookie in the field. This season, she has set her sights on her first win.

The last three times Enrique Jaime started his heat race at his home track he has won. Jaime opened the season by finished third in a good battle with Tanner Holmes. He was hoping to make a run at a victory last time out,  but mechanical issues sent him to the pits early. He is definitely a threat to win this season.

Past Outlaw Kart champion Blaine Cory is leading the rookies this season in the Randy Rodgers owned entry. Another newcomer this season is Micro Sprint racer Theron Smith. Aaron Miller is a past winner at the Speedway who hopes to make it to the Winner's Circle again soon. Dwarf Car star Camden Robustelli, Todd Whipple, 500 Kart star Mike Wheeler and Steve Thompson are also anticipated this week.

Word is that past champion Charlie Thompson is about ready to debut. Past Cottage Grove champion Hedge Carter and son Colby are coming and could be joined by a few other Grove competitors.

It promises to be a great night of racing for the Kendall Oil Winged Sprint Cars. For further information, go to

California Hardtops Return To Stockton 99 Speedway

Stockton, CA...The California Hardtop Association is looking forward to coming back to the quarter-mile paved oval at Stockton 99 speedway. Stockton is the only paved oval on the schedule for the group this season, and they had five dates booked there this year. Unfortunately, their most recently scheduled event had to be cancelled.

The Hardtops were competing at Merced Speedway, and things didn't go so well for the group as an early crash left three of the cars unable to continue and in need of repair. Rather than have a disappointing showing, Club President John Philbert made the decision to call Stockton Speedway and cancel the race. Things are looking good for this Saturday night.

Last time out, it was Ron Ruiz scoring the feature victory. Ruiz has done well so far this year with a third place finish at both Placerville events and a win at the Merced race. He is establishing himself as the driver to beat on the tour this year.

However, Bay Area Hardtop competitor Ken Retzloff gave everybody a good run when he won the Tom Tilford Tribute race for the Hardtops at the most recent Placerville event. To get that win, Ken had to beat the previous Placerville winner, Dave Reed. The competition is getting tougher. To show you how tough, Jason Armstrong won quite a bit last season, and he has yet to win this year. In fact, he only has one podium finish so far.

That podium finish came at the last Stockton race when Armstrong tried to reel in the flying Ruiz and settled for second. Ruiz ran a patient race at the beginning as Jason's father Dennis Armstrong battled Kim Clifford for the lead for the first few laps. Once Ron made the pass, he took off into another time zone for the victory. It was pavement only racer Dave Stewart collecting the third place finish after Roger MacShain pitted from third.

Joe Shenefield has seen some respectable results this season, and this includes his third place finish behind Ruiz and MacShain at Merced and the fourth place finish he had at Stockton ahead of Ken Clifford and Dennis Armstrong.

For Saturday night, they're anticipating a half a dozen to eight racers in the field. Ken Clifford has the "Acme Rocket" repaired and ready to go. He'll be ready for another battle with Dennis Armstrong as the two have enjoyed some good side by racing so far this season. Shenefield will be out to see if he can improve a few more positions on the podium, and Tom Grady will be back after finishing fourth at the recent Placerville race. Others are anticipated, and that could include Larry Wells if he is able to resolve his carburetor issues in time.

Stockton enjoys having the Hardtops on the program, and they generally put on a good show for the fans. Saturday night should be no exception.

Grimes, Fuller, Hirschbock Johnson Share Southern Oregon Speedway Outlaw Kart Spotlight

White City, Oregon...June 8...Under threatening skies, the Southern Oregon Speedway Outlaw Kart show went on as planned Friday night at Little Southern Oregon Speedway. With rain forecast to hit at anytime in the evening, the decision was made to run just one set of heat races for the classes and get into Main Events with not much intermission. As it turned out, the rain would fall just five minutes after the final checkered flag waved.

Reigning champion Trevor Grimes continued his strong start as he won both his eight lap heat race and 15 lap Main Event in the 250 Kart division. Grimes had the lead at the start of the Main Event and stretched his advantage to a straightaway by the waving of Tom Hood's checkered flag. Brionna Fuller ran a solid second and Taylor Fuller and Vinny DeBenedetti battled fiercely for third. Fuller made the pass midway through the race to grab third as DeBenedetti rounded out the order.

After picking up a win in the eight lap UAS Speedway Kart heat race, Larry Fuller requested a last starting spot in the 12 lap Main Event. 2016 Yreka champion Ed Grubb paced the field for the first three laps. A fierce five kart battle ensued at the front of the pack, and season opener winner Jeremy Brown made an outside pass on the backstretch on lap four to take the lead from Grubb. Larry Fuller followed closely into second. As the leaders worked the backstretch on lap six, contact sent Brown spinning into the infield. The race continued, and Larry Fuller slowed on the back stretch a lap later, allowing Johnny Hoult to make the move into the lead. Hoult led until Larry Fuller made an inside pass on the back stretch on lap 11 to regain first. Larry Fuller went on to take the checkered flag in victory, followed by Hoult, Brionna Fuller, Grubb, Lori Fuller and Brown.

After winning his heat just ahead of Ryan Hirschbock, Jacob James set the early pace In the Box Stock 15 lap feature. Taylor Fuller made a low pass in Turn 3 of the fourth lap to gain the lead, and Hirschbock made an inside pass in Turn 4 of the same lap to take second from James. The battle for third saw contact in Turn 2 of the fifth lap, and James spun and was hit by Brandon Steinhoff on the back stretch, ending the race for both of them. Fuller led the pack on the restart, but he got just a bit sideways, allowing Hirschbock, Keaton Augustine and Kiley Grimes to race into the Top 3 positions. Hirschbock had some pressure from Augustine, but he was not about to let his first victory slip away as he happily took the checkered flag in first. Augustine settled for second, and Fuller made a Turn 4 pass on lap 13 to take third from Grimes, who settled for fourth ahead of Tyler Steinhoff.

The Beginners Box Stock division continues to bring new drivers to the track, and they ran two eight lap heat races. Uriah Sanders won his 8 lap heat race ahead of Carson Henson, and Malachi Johnson made a pass on Shailene Horn during the second heat race to claim that victory.

Reigning champion Johnson shared the front row for the 15 lap Main Event with Sanders, and Johnson was destined to get the victory. However, it didn't come easy. Caleb Ranney was a Main Event scratch, and Johnson charged into the early lead ahead of Sanders and Horn. A lap four caution flag flew when Isaac Grimes spun in the second turn. Some of the young drivers are just making their first laps and going at their own pace as they get used to things. It just so happened that Johnson and Sanders caught three of them as they went down the front stretch on the seventh lap. Sanders went low and made the pass for the lead in Turn 1. Once Johnson got around the traffic, he put his kart back up on the high side and regained the lead in Turn 3 of the eighth lap. Horn made a front stretch pass on Sanders on lap 10 to take over second and quickly closed in on Johnson. However, Johnson was not to be denied as he sped to the victory. Horn picked up her second straight runner-up finish ahead of Sanders, Henson and Jayme DeBenedetti.

All of the young drivers did a great job of running on the track, even when sprinkles during the Main Events made things a little bit slick. They will be back for their third event of the season on Friday, June 22nd. For further information, go to

Pit Stops

With the Malicious Monster Truck Insanity Tour at Southern Oregon Speedway last week, the regular divisions had a night off. As it turned out, even the Dwarf Cars that were scheduled that night weren't able to race due to the rains that hit the speedway from Friday night into Saturday morning. Nobody in Oregon was lucky enough to get any racing in.

Reigning Late Model champion and current point leader Nathan Augustine finds himself searching for another chassis after his car took so much damage in the Main Event crash at the Roger Haudenshild Tribute Race that it's been deemed unfixable. There was word that Nathan might be renting a race car for the June 30th race while making preparations. It seems the team isn't going to let this stop them from trying to repeat as champions.

They will be seeing some good competition from Miles Deubert, and past Coos Bay Speedway champion Dave Foote reminded everybody that he's still out there when he won the Main Event that night. Thus far, the three races have been won by three different drivers, and Deubert and Augustine are the other two.

Deubert was happy just being able to finally go Late Model racing. People probably weren't expecting him to win the season opener after his dismal heat race performance, but that's exactly what he did. Even he was surprised by the outcome. The next race was a reminder that it's not going to be easy. Miles had steering issues in his heat race and fixed things up just good enough to get him through the Main Event, where he finished sixth. His second place finish behind Foote moved him much closer to Augustine in the championship battle.

Foote has been enjoying his trips from Coos Bay to race at Southern Oregon Speedway. He finds the track conditions to his liking and has been dialing things in with each start. Last season, it seemed like he had a perennial third place car, but he has already won a heat race and a Main Event this season. Dave seems to be regaining his championship form, which is going to make this battle all the more interesting.

For the IMCA Modifieds and IMCA Sport Modifieds, the week off gave the drivers an opportunity to get tuned up for this Saturday night's races and the big Speedweek event on June 23rd. After his impressive performances in winning both his heat race and the $2,000 prize in the Roger Haudenshild Tribute Race, Nick Trenchard might be the driver to beat, but he knows the caliber of competition that will be coming on June 23rd. It won't be easy. Though he couldn't quite pull it off at last year's race, he did get a win in Yreka the night before.

"Cowboy" Duane Orsburn seems to be dialing things in this season. The two time Street Stock champion looked impressive for most of the Haudenshild race as he ran second in a good battle with Albert Gill. Unfortunately, a last lap spin dropped him back to seventh, but he's still very much in title contention. The thing about Speedweek is it's not only a one week championship series, there will be points counted at Southern Oregon Speedway. With the competition that is coming, just making the Main Event will be a challenge that will matter in the track title chase.

Duane has been taking his car just about everywhere he can this season and putting more laps on it. He has been down to Antioch and Petaluma, California, the latter track at which he finished fourth in the Main Event. Duane is hoping to get his second Southern Oregon Speedway IMCA Modified feature win, and he's looking good enough to do it lately.

Another driver looking good is Dave Duste Jr. Seems that he, his father and brother have all won Main Events in the IMCA Modifieds through the years, and all three have ranked as high as second in the standings at the track. We haven't seen Dave for a few seasons, but the third place finish that he picked up last time along with a Trophy Dash win shows that he still knows the fast way around the track.

Likewise, Albert Gill has been his usual fast self this season. The two-time IMCA Modified champion at both Medford and Yreka has a pair of heat race wins and a strong second place finish to show for it, but Albert comes to win. The possibility of a win in the big Speedweek race is very enticing to Gill. It would certainly be one of the biggest wins he's ever recorded. However, he's expected to be one of the drivers competing for the victory this week as well.

When you look at the winner's list during the past few seasons, you'll find quite a few drivers have taken their turns in the Winner's Circle in IMCA Modified competition. One of those winners last season was Zach Fettinger, who was getting his first win ever. He certainly looked good at the Haudenshild Race with his fourth place finish ahead of another driver who is destined for victory, Preston Jones. The competition level was so tough that reigning champion Jesse Bailey had to settle for sixth, but he also finds himself as one of the drivers within nine points of Trenchard for the point lead.

The most recent race also served as a reminder to seven time champion Mark Wauge that things won't be easy this year. Mark won the season opener and then impressed with the win in the John Arnberg Memorial in Yreka. Unfortunately, Mark blew a motor in his heat race last time out to end his night prematurely. He'll be hoping to come back strong the next time he's at the track. Will we see him this week? Or does he wait for Speedweek?

The IMCA Sport Modifieds seem to be gathering momentum at Southern Oregon Speedway, and that means bigger fields. A few of the area drivers are choosing to take trips elsewhere for the money as not only are they a part of the IMCA State race, but they are also part of the Pacific Sport Modified Series, which will pay a nice point fund at season's end.

Despite all of that, longtime Southern Oregon Speedway racer Mike Medel continues to show his support for his home track. Medel is looking for his first win of the season, but he did well in getting a third in the Haudenhild Race while season opener winner David Marble finished fifth. There are only three points separating leader Marble from Medel, while last year's point runner up, Willie McFall, is six points out. It's not really a surprise to see these three drivers contending, but you know somebody else will be stepping up.

An intriguing possibility could be third generation racer Tony Duste. Tony only had a handful of starts last season, and this is essentially his first full year at the speedway. He surprised McFall by passing him and taking a Trophy Dash win earlier in the evening, but his Main Event ended in disappointment. Still, you can see the #23 car is set up nicely, and it wouldn't be a surprise to see Tony grab a feature victory.

Two other drivers who are new to the field are Danny Rule and Brandon Wilson, who are locked in a good battle with Duste for fourth in the standings. Rule picked up a Top 5 finish in the season opener. He too ran some races last year, but this is essentially his first full season. There are so many new drivers in the field that it's going to be interesting watching the Sport Modifieds compete at each race at Southern Oregon Speedway. The likelihood of seeing some drivers getting their first ever wins is pretty good.

The Mini Stock division has taken a bit of a beating this season. Cameron Hall was driving the popular Pinto Wagon and doing a pretty good job of it when he spun at the second event. 2013 champion Steve Goetz was coming out of Turn 2 with the sun in his eyes and didn't see Hall in time to react. He ended up t-boning Hall. Neither driver was injured, but the Pinto Wagon had to be retired due to chassis damage. Goetz had to reclip his car, but he reported last week that he'll be ready to go for this race.

Likewise, it's anticipated that Gary Anderson will be ready to race this week. The 2014 champion had motor issues at the season opener, but he has put something together again. He took it for a shakedown run in Yreka a few weeks ago and crossed the finish line in third. When they get to the track, they're still going to have to deal with David Steele. Steele has won two Main Events already to lead the points, but it wasn't Steele winning the most recent race.

Kristopher Mix picked up the honors, and he had to pass Steele to do so. This was the first ever win for Mix, who is a third-generation Medford area racer. The picture in the Winner's Circle was filled with many family and friends, all celebrating the occasion. Mix is hoping to repeat as champion, but he finds himself battling Hunter Magnan for second, not far behind Steele at the moment.

Magnan wasn't content to run at the back of the pack and make his laps after his rookie season. He picked up another car for this season and has been very competitive. He will be out there to see if he can get his first career win this week. The field will see a few more cars, such as Top 5 ranked Garrett Fredrickson and Michael McLeod, and hopefully other drivers will come out of the woodwork as the season progresses. For all intents and purposes, the Mini Stock division serves as the Hobby Stock division at the track, a good upper level entry class.

The Valley-Stor All Late Model Lites division has also had a slow start. There are few drivers missing in action that were anticipated this year, including 2016 champion Lee Doty. Doty didn't have his car ready in time, and our last report was that he had it up in Portland being worked on. He will be a welcome addition when he gets there. 2017 champion Bob Burkett is said to be spending time with family during a particularly rough time for the family. We certainly wish Bob and his family the best and hope to see him back at the speedway soon.

As Dusty Aos still doesn't have his car ready, he's been driving the old Bill Spencer mount during the first two races. Hopefully the #3 car will be ready and somebody else can take their turn behind the wheel of the #99 car. Danny Prewitt is another driver that will hopefully return soon. The two Aos's, Greg Arnold and point leader Charlie Eaton have been putting on a show for the fans so far, but they definitely are hoping to see a few other cars on the track this week.

The strongest of the four cylinder divisions remains the JOAT Labs Hornets. Just a few years ago, this division may have been on the schedule, but it was an afterthought. Track management has made every effort to build this division up, and things have been looking good this year. Several young teen competitors have helped grow this class, and it's also worth noting that two families have thrown their weight behind things.

What's nice about the Ashland High School effort being led by teacher RC Britt is that these young racers are learning about working on race cars and keeping them maintained. They don't just get behind the wheel, they get their hands dirty learning about cars. Thus far, John Ferreira and Ethan Doty have done a good job of campaigning the two team cars, and Britt is to be commended for teaching a new generation about automobiles.

The Hedges family and the Nelson family are showing good support to the Hornet Class. Tim Hedges has a Mini Stock that we hope to see back at the track soon, maybe even this week, but he also has four Hornets. He wasn't quite sure about debuting his new car last time out, but he brought it anyway. The big motivating factor for that was his intent in helping David Miller stay on the track as Miller's own car had issues. That meant that with son Ashton and wife Jenna Hedges out there, the team brought four cars.

Derrel Nelson Jr and son Zach Nelson are showing good support to the division so far, but Derrel has had anything but good luck in his first three starts. Zach finds himself tied for fourth with Ashtin Hedges, who has been the breakout star of the season. Ashtin won impressively at the second event and probably would have won the next race if not for mechanical issues rearing their ugly head with five laps to go.

Tim Hedges hasn't had a spectacular start, but he's out there taking his points and doing what needs to be done in a championship season. The two drivers in front of him, Brandon Wonsyld and Jason Stoutenburgh, have been battling for position all year. Young Brandon leads the reigning champion Stoutenburgh by just one point. Both are feature winners, and Jason won the most recent race with the departure of the younger Hedges car.

It's a good site to see so many of these Hornets coming to the speedway. To keep racing going, you need to have something out there for the newer drivers to move into, and this division fits the bill quite nicely. Hornets will be a part of the Wild West Speedweek race at Southern Oregon Speedway on June 23rd.

It's always nice to see you the Old Time Racers of Oregon Hardtops at Southern Oregon Speedway. When President Vic Bridges passed away during the offseason, Mark Minter stepped up to take the reins and keep OTRO going. The group has been around since the 1980s, and Minter's grandfather, Harold Minter, built one of the original cars in the group. Mark drives that car, which sports a pretty pink paint job. Mark recently acquired another car that could see action this year.

In fact, the roster now reaches into the teens, and one of the contributing factors to that is the Trotter family. Dusty Trotter put together a new car, which he drove to victory at the first Medford race. Dusty's old car got the win in the heat race last time. After winning the Street Stock championship at Coos Bay Speedway last year, Justin Krossman has taken the wheel of Dusty's old car this year. So far, he's enjoying the change of pace.

Dusty's father, Bill Trotter, fields two cars as well. There is the unique old pickup truck, being driven by Jay Smith this season. Smith has achieved better results than anybody else since the group began running at the Medford track. He won the Trophy Dash last time out and finished a very close second in the Main Event. Bill Trotter continues to wheel the orange #46 Coupe.

There are several racers in the group, including Jamie Britton, who won the Cottage Grove race. Jamie races both dirt and pavement as he has been supporting the Roseburg effort. 2016 Roseburg champion Greg Hickman will reportedly make a visit to the Southern Oregon Speedway. Some beautiful cars are a part of this group, including the #40 car of Dean Cast and the #66 of Jimmy Del Castille. The Hardtops return this Saturday night.

We got a look at the Calculated Comfort Outlaw Pro Stock division recently, and they delivered 17 cars to Southern Oregon Speedway. Unfortunately, a deal wasn't able to be reached to get them to the track more often, so Medford fans will have to wait until the R Charles Snyder Salute to see them again in September. Otherwise, you'll be going down to Siskiyou Motor Speedway, where a majority of the Pro Stock dates will be, including this Saturday night.

It's interesting to note that the Hackworth team has four cars. Dean Hackworth commented prior to the recent Medford race that he would like to see more Pro Stock races. When the track tried to do something in house last season, Dean supported every race and ended up second in the standings with Rookie Of The Year honors. Unfortunately, mechanical issues kept him out of the latest show.

What's also interesting to note is that John David Duffie has been making appearances this year and won both his heat race and the Crack The Whip race in Medford. He's fast any time he's there as is two-time Late Model Lites champion Brian Johnsen. After going down to Santa Maria to race and earning a pair of Top 10 finishes, Johnsen sat out the Haudenshild Race. However, Dr. Scott Lenz and Steve Borror came to race.

When you're looking for speed In the Pro Stock division, you need look no further than Lenz and Borror. If things are holding together, these two are running at the front of the pack. Borror spun from the lead at the recent race, and that gave Lenz the opening he needed. Lenz led the rest of the way to win his second Haudenshild Tribute Race. Borror settled for a disappointed third behind 2015 champion Jeffrey Hudson. When scheduling permits it, Hudson will probably see more seat time driving for Scott Bennett, but he's also racing a Kendell Oil Winged Sprint Car At Southern Oregon Speedway.

The Flowers family continues to field four cars thanks in part to Arlen Garrison. Scott Flowers is usually In contention for a championship, though he's got many second place rankings to show for it. He's won his share of Main Events through the years, but there's been a bit of a drought in recent seasons. Scott would love to turn that around in Yreka this week, but son James will be out to get a win this week as well.

It's a good group of racers in the Calculated Comfort Outlaw Pro Stock ranks, and this includes several newcomers. Last season, Bryan Hammond won top rookie honors. To make things just a bit more confusing, there is now a Brian R Hammond In the field. He drives the #7 car, while the aforementioned Bryan drives the #55 car. There is also a Ryan Smith in one of the Hackworth cars, not to be confused with the Ryan Smith who is one of the stars in the Southern Oregon Dwarf Car Association. Saturday in Yreka should be a good show.

Last Saturday night in Yreka was a good show. For starters, track officials decided to pay $500 to win the IMCA Sport Modified Main Event. They get that purse when they reach 13 cars, but it was decided to go ahead and advertise the purse regardless of car count. Because all of the Oregon tracks were rained out, they gained a pair of drivers who normally would have been at Cottage Grove as well as visitors from Southern Oregon Speedway.

The Sanders team hails from Brookings, Oregon. Matt Sanders purchased a new car this year In the hopes of being more competitive. Isaac Sanders was there, but Steven Sanders didn't quite have things together. Ryder Boswell Is hoping to win the championship this year, and he is battling with Trevor Tiffee for the honors. Tiffee won the previous race, which made him the fifth different winner so far.

Boswell looked impressive in the early stages of the race, but the yellow flags kept flying. On a lap 7 restart, he had his problems with a flat tire. Matt Sanders was there to take the lead. What came after that was an entertaining battle between Sanders and Braxton Possinger for the lead. Sanders had the preferred high line around the track, but Possinger kept making moves on the inside. It went down to the checkered flag with Sanders claiming the win.

While Sanders became the sixth different winner in six races, not much changed between Boswell and Tiffee in the championship battle. Both drivers finished further back in the Top 10. Because the track has struggled a bit in car count, It's likely to be these two drivers battling all season long for the championship.

Last season, Ethan Killingsworth came within one race of winning the Mini Stock championship. He lost it in heartbreaking fashion when he was eliminated in a front stretch crash early in the season finale. Ironically, that was what it was going to take to cost him the honors. Had he even finished in the middle of the pack, it would have been enough. Having proven that he can handle a Mini Stock well, Killingsworth now has an IMCA Sport Modified. He made his debut last weekend. Though he had mechanical issues, he will be a driver to watch in the weeks ahead as he has what it takes to become one of the stars of this division.

Hopefully, more of the regulars from recent seasons will begin to appear more often. We finally saw the debut of last year's third ranked driver, Randy Wright, three weeks ago. With reigning champion DJ Bottoms, Colton Chaffey, Jack Walden III and Garrett Hamilton getting back out there, this would be a very entertaining show.

The track had more incentive for the Trophy Dash winners when Donny Bottoms of Bottoms Racing offered $100 bills to the IMCA Sport Modified and Mini Stock Trophy Dash winners. Cottage Grove regular Daniel Ray picked up the IMCA Sport Modified Dash, while 2014 champion "Magic" Mike Whitaker did the honors in the Mini Stocks. The Jefferson State Racing Association Jalopies also got in on the action with a $50 bill to their winner. In this case, it was Josh Bernstein besting the four car field.

Whitaker carried the momentum into the Main Event with heat race and Trophy Dash wins, but it was two time reigning Mini Stock champion Marilyn Yawnick becoming a two-time winner as she held off 2005 champion Terry Kendrick. You would expect these three drivers to be in the hunt for the championship, and they're not disappointing. We've yet to see a point sheet, but it won't be a surprise to see Yawnick leading with the other two in close pursuit.

The Mini Stock division has seen a pair of newcomers this year in Zac McMurray and Darek Alford, the latter of which was missing from the most recent race. Tiffany Cobb, who is the wife of Pro Stock competitor Johnny Cobb, made her second start last time out. Dennis Jorgensen is certainly somebody who could be in line for a feature win and he has won in the past. Mike Frost Is another driver who's looked good this year when he's been there, and you also have Jason Frost and Heather Ryan on the roster. The Mini Stock division keeps plugging along.

The track went ahead and had a demo for the Outlaw Kart drivers. In this case, it was Box Stock competitors. What might be something to consider in an effort to give the fans a little bit more entertainment on race night would be if they could construct a Kart track n the infield. Perhaps not a full program, but a chosen division on any given Saturday night? It may be that the Box Stock or Beginners Box Stock divisions would be the top choices given the fact that they generally have the bigger car counts.

In any event, Siskiyou Motor Speedway has some big shows ahead. After this Saturday's show, which will include the Calculated Comfort Outlaw Pro Stocks, The Wild West IMCA Modified Speedweek Series kicks off On Friday, June 22nd, in Yreka. There's also the big July 4th event coming up. The track keeps plugging away after the scare they had during the off-season. About the biggest detriment they've had this year are the two rainouts where car count looked good and they had to cancel the show after hot laps on both occasions.

Drake Nelson is offering Coos Bay Speedway fans a visit from the Malicious Monster Truck Insanity Tour this Saturday night. They put on an entertaining show at Southern Oregon Speedway the week before despite the fact that the grounds were a little wet due to the rains. It's definitely worth checking this show out if you've never seen a Monster Truck show live.

Coming up on June 23rd will be The Prowler Charters Trophy Sponsor Ladies Night event. Winged Sprint Cars will be back for their third point race as California transplant Kayla Green battles Brett Hulsey and Mike Crawford for the championship. Green and Hulsey have two Top 5 finishes, but Ian Bandy and reigning champion Lawrence Van Hoof are your two winners so far. Green only leads Hulsey by four points, and she'll be out to see if she can get a win this time.

Nelson offered a $100 bounty to the driver who could beat point leader Brody Montgomery while Montgomery was still racing in the Super Late Model Main Event. They got no surprise visitors from out of town, but six competitors did show up. Unfortunately, attrition took a heavy toll as four of those drivers were done before the Main Event ever started. Montgomery won ahead of Kristy Grout. The bounty still stands. Will somebody come in and take the money this time? Because Chris Ray and Richard Wallace had problems, 2016 point runner-up Thor Kristensen made a substantial gain in the standings. He is now four points ahead of Wallace for third and 40 points behind Ray for second. The track is offering $3,000 for the champion, but even second and third place will make good money through the NASCAR Whelen All American Series.

The most dominant driver at the track right now is Mini Outlaw point leader Sam Talon. Sam has won five of the six Main Events and might have won of the other had it not been for mechanical issues forcing him to scratch from the Main Event. He holds a commanding lead in the standings while one-time winner John Henry is just 16 tallies ahead of Carl Johnson in the race for second. When enough of these cars show up, the Mini Outlaw race is actually pretty entertaining.

Thus far, there have been five different winners in six Hornet races, but Tyler Tullos now holds a 42 point lead over April Warmack in the championship battle. Tullos won the most recent race. Warmack was a Main Event scratch, which has put her in the position of playing catch-up. Warmack also finds herself in a close battle for second as David Pellum is six points behind her and one time winner Hannah Robison and rookie Kylea Krossman are eight points back in a tie for fourth.The division has been dominated in recent years, so the wide-open nature of the week-to-week battle makes the Hornets a fun race to watch.

Nelson has some big things on the horizon, and one of them is the Sunday race on June 24th. Last season, Drake made the controversial decision to run an IMCA type Modified race during Speedweek. He was unable to secure a date, and he decided to take advantage of the fact that IMCA Modified Speedweek had a night off. They didn't get a big field, but the race still turned out to be very entertaining. This year, they landed the third race on the Tour. The track's Hornets, Street Stocks and Sportsman Late Model divisions will be on the card that night as well.